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Exposed Exposures: My (limited) Experience Posing Sexy

In the past, I’ve been asked to ‘model.’ I’m using that term very loosely because I am definitely not a model, but I guess I am pretty open and easy going with my sexual self. Always up for a new challenge, I readily agreed and both times were an adventure.

The Economics of Porn—Going Corporate

The scene opens on a pretty young thing seated on the edge of a plush, velvet, casting couch. She states her name (something appropriately exotic and occasionally alliterative) and her age (rarely over 24). A voice behind the camera lens—most likely male—asks about her past; she hails from a small town known for producing conservatives or farmers or both. When asked why she left, she launches enthusiastically into a speech about her budding acting or modeling career. The voice behind the camera encourages her; she seems like she’d be a fine actress and she’s certainly very attractive.

View From The Top: Unprecedented Precedent

I'm going to become a lawyer. It can't possibly be that hard, and I hear they make a killing! Then, I'm going to move to the United Arab Emirates and specialize in divorce law. Yes, that's the ticket!

The Economics of Porn—Homegrown Porn

The world of homegrown pornography conjures up all sorts of sexy, secretive images. One imagines young couples closing the shades for a weekend of filming, or lithe men and women spreading out their goods in front of a camera (either in public or private). We look at these people living out their sex lives in front of the lens and the thrills we receive stem from the tantalizing thought that perhaps—just perhaps—this is exactly what they do when the camera is off. We imagine that we are witnessing the event itself, rather than a recording.

View From The Top: Simply Irresistible

'Nice guys finish last' is a frequent phrase used by those who have bad luck when it comes to finding love. It's a reassuring pat on the back to make someone feel better when they strike out, but is there any truth to this phrase?

It turns out there just might be some data to support this! The Emotion and Self Lab at the University of British Columbia has been doing some research that might give some insight into this idea.

The Economics of Porn—Introduction

For many of us, pornography is a staple of positive sexual expression. We use it for inspiration in our own sex lives, we use it to turn our partners and ourselves on and – lest we forget – we use it to get ourselves off. Pornography is external, providing visuals that act as a form of sexual escapism. Even whilst writhing within the clutching embraces of our partners, under the pulsating attentions of our toys or the familiar touch of our own hands, we escape. For the exhibition-shy, watching porn might be a risk-free way to leave the bedroom.

Set Phasers to Stunning for Nerd Girl Pinups

 “We get great reactions at conventions—there's a lot of enthusiasm, from men and women alike,” reveals Sally Christensen, Creative Consultant of Nerd Girl Pinups. “If anything, we get the best reactions from women, who love the fact that there's a site featuring women just like them. Surprise quickly becomes excitement.”

View From The Top: Disturbing Trends

What do a trendy fad and birthing method have in common? Well, according to some experts both can make you fat. Now, this research is far from conclusive, but there is a certain amount in logic in what I'm about to say.

View From The Top: Take the Good with the Bad

“You're lucky I like you.” That's a phrase I've heard repeatedly over the years. Usually it's heard after I do something silly, make a really bad joke, buy a horrible birthday gift, or more often, pass gas. It's the latter that I'm going to focus on today.

You see, in my first column on SexLife Canada I've decided to write about something near and dear to my heart. Farting. Oh...but what can this possibly have to do with your sex life you ask? Follow me for a moment folks!

All About Dating and Mating on Met Another Frog

What do you do after a bad date? Talk all about it with friends, of course! What is better than the post-hook-up debriefing and post-mortem? You get to rant and rave or cry and whine (however you choose to deal with such things) while your friends console you and pump up your ego. It was through conversations like these that the smart and fun blog Met Another Frog was born.