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Erotic Photography and Photoshop : It's a Privilege, Not a Right

Ah, technology. The cause of—and solution to—all of photography's problems. When I use the term 'Photoshop,' I use it in the generic sense of the word to mean any and all photo editing software. Kind of like the photographic equivalent of a Q-Tip or Band-Aid; no one ever says 'cotton swab' or 'flexible adhesive bandage strip'.

Making Erotica Fit: Eden Baylee

“I’ve always loved to read, and words have been a great source of entertainment for me since I could remember,” reveals Eden Baylee, author of the erotica collection Fall into Winter. “To this day, I’m fascinated by wordplay and the nuances of language, especially the English language. When I read Story of O at the age of eleven, I got completely lost in a whole new vocabulary. You could say that it left an indelible mark on my psyche.”

Ooooooooh, Canada!

We definitely have a glow in our hearts, we Canadians. On this day to celebrate our nation, let’s take a look back at some of the significant moments in our sexual history. It hasn’t been a well-lubed existence, there have been some flaccid moments along the way. And some significant legal cock-blocking still inhibits our sexual rights. But we’re on the right path with some significant advances having been made so far. So let’s keep it up Canada!

Trudeau's Magnificant Statement

3 x 3: Composition in Erotic Photography

One of the most fundamental elements of any good picture is composition. Composition just a long word for saying 'how the things that make up an image are put together.' There are lots of factors to consider when determining the composition of your photo, but let's take a look at one of the most basic of these.

The Rule of Thirds

Turned on by The Sex Appeals

“We've definitely had people challenge us about some of our lyrics,” relates Sarah Creagen of Toronto’s The Sex Appeal. “But, we view that as a good thing! It's always better to have an open dialogue. And, it's good for us, I think, to be forced to take our music seriously enough to self criticize and to accept all forms of feedback! Because, well, at least the feedback means someone came to our shows and listened to our lyrics! And that can never be a bad thing.”

View From The Top: The Things You Do For Sex

I was scanning through the news recently, preparing for my radio show, when a headline caught my eye. It read, “On the Beltway, a claim of drunken sex at 85 mph.” I was shocked that anyone could slap bodies together in passion that least without worrying about trauma.

Less is More: Backgrounds in Erotic Photography

Some of the best ways to ensure a great photo are also the easiest. Case in point: backgrounds. Few other aspects will completely change a photo from amazing to awful faster than a bad background. This one, however, has a very simple fix.

Less is More

Tied to Beautiful Images: David Lawrence's Rope Bondage Photography

“Japanese inspired rope bondage is a beautiful expression of raw sexual energy with coarse rope on the soft sensual flesh of a women,” reveals photographer David Lawrence. “That is what the appeal is to me. A woman who surrenders to the rope and the energy that she exudes is intoxicating. Very beautiful. There is an intense beauty and in some cases a raw sexual energy that, when captured on film, is inspiring.”

The Why of It—Erotic Photography

Taking a really great dirty picture can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. With today's technology, capturing a risqué photo can be as involved as shooting on location with super fancy lenses and big budget lighting or as unfussy as simply pushing a button. Whether you are snapping photos with your point and shoot, DSLR or webcam there are a few constants that add up to make a really spectacular photo. Technical know-how doesn't always ensure a great picture.

Finding the Answers in Her Lil' Black Book

She can be an ex partner, an old friend from growing up, a coworker or even a relative. She is there to give advice, slap foolish ideas out of his head or even console when things go wrong. Every guy who is into ladies should have one. She is the girl friend. The one who is there to help guide guys along as they pursue relationships.