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Canada has a sex history

Canada has an interesting sexual history, but one not told much. Until relatively recently. While historians in Canada have long focused on economics, war, Parliament, transportation and so on, the history of sex has been largely overlooked.

The Canadian Historical Association has a special committee examining the subject. It provides an organizational focus within the Canadian historical profession for all those who are researching, writing, teaching, and otherwise interested in the historical study of sexuality.

Sex Education in Canada

The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) is a national registered charitable organization founded in 1964 to foster professional education and public knowledge about sexuality and sexual health.

It has released its report on Sexual Health Education in Schools. It provides answers to some of the most common questions that parents, educators, program planners, school and health administrators, and concerned citizens may have about sexual health education.

Some conclusions:

The Swelling Tide of Sex-Positive Culture

Thank you for taking the time to read my work over the past year and a half on Sexlife Canada. It has been a pleasure to not only write so much about sex-positive culture in Canada, but the true joy has been in researching it.

Who knew this is such a wonderfully sexual place?

A Blogger By Any Other Name: Rosa Nomore

It used to be that people would explore their thoughts and desires in journals. These journals would then likely remain under lock and key for as long as the writer chose to keep them. We can only guess how many inspiring thoughts and useful information has been lost through time. Now, blogs have taken over and anyone can share their musings with the world. Sure, blogs can sometimes be tedious and banal, but blogs are also a rich source of new and creative thinking, particularly in sex communities.

Naked Toni Reels 'Em In

I can be a bit of a stats nerd and I love tracking the number of hits, pageviews and such for Sexlife Canada. Google Analytics is probably my most frequently visited site, using it to track your reading patterns and what types of sex articles you’re interested in. Then I can seek out people, businesses, groups and sexual interests for future articles on SLC.

Find Her On The Dial: Dr. Laurie Betito

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world where we are constantly finding newer, quicker ways to convey information, one of the oldest mass communication devices still holds a special place, particularly in the world of sex. While television may be king, with the Internet attempting a coup d'etat, radio has remained a darling. Simply transmitting words and music to eager ears should, by rights, have gone away when these other media formats came along.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors—End Up Behind Bars?

What is public and what is private is a long and contentious debate, particularly if you are considering sex. The legalizing of sex clubs and the potential revisions to sex work laws are a couple examples of where sex straddles public and private life. But what of actually having sex in a public space?

Outdoor sexual activity is one of the most common steps away from vanilla that people take. Whether that be a blowjob in a car or a romp in the woods, people have been escaping the confines of the bedroom for some fresh-air fun forever. Does that make it right?

Writing What She Lives: Eroticist Giselle Renarde

Erotic fiction has a grand tradition dating back centuries. Pretty much as soon as we began to write, humans were writing something dirty. Fastforward to the present and erotica has greatly benefited from the digital age, with ebooks being a huge marketplace for smut scribblers.

OMG That Goes Where?!—a Sex & Kink Blog

 Oh My Gods, That Goes Where?! is a sex blog that reviews sex toys and products and features posts on topics like BDSM and polyamory. As you may guess from the pluralisation in the name, it brings a Wiccan perspective to the table.

Erotic Photography: Recipe for Good Composition

Good composition is such a core element to good photography that it can literally make or break a shot. Yet for something so fundamentally important, it can be strangely hard to define. In some ways it is similar to sex: there are lots of ways to make it good, but you definitely know when its bad! However that's not all that helpful when you're trying to answer the question: just what IS good composition?