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Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada February 28-March 6

Explore your various kinks through discussion and sharing of ideas at GrUE “Graydancer's Unconference Extravaganza”

They're also into self-exploration in Calrgary this weekend at the What's Your Kink? Series


Loosen Your Lusty Letters: Erotic Writing with Myna Wallin

“Sometimes I start with an idea, with something that happened to me or could have happened to me, or I wish had happened to me,” reveals author and editor Myna Wallin. “It doesn’t really matter; we’re writing fiction after all. One piece in my book started as a made-up fetish (for paint) and the exercise was to write a film treatment. That piece ended up being used as a dream sequence. Another passage started when I challenged myself to write about a threesome.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada February 21-27

Lots of fantastic events and workshops are happening across the country this week. How are you going to get your sexy on?

Venus Envy gives you the low down on going down at Mouthing Off: Sensational Oral Sex.

Looking for AFFIRMATION at Rhubarb Festival

“Sex is everywhere, in everything,” affirms Olive-or-Oliver, creator of AFFIRMATION: A Sex Show in Six Movements. “Sex is always linked to power, and power is generated in all the things we do.”

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada February 14–February 20

So, the week is going to start out with a bang! It is up to all of us to ensure it remains a bangin' good time for the remaining days!

Every been described as too sloppy, too tight, too boring? Sign up for Creative Kissing Classes!

Time to play at A Forbidden Affair's “A Kinky Cupid Play Party.”

Local Handmade Sexy Stuff at the Toronto Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair

It can be very hard to be a conscientious consumer. Mom and Pop shops keep getting eaten up by conglomerates offering goods mass-produced on some other continent where minimum wage is low or non-existent. Luckily, the force of progress that put us in this situation also brought us the internet and with it the ability for small businesses to set up virtual stores. Webspace and a Paypal account are a lot cheaper than rent for a bricks & mortar shop. So if you’re going to buy your lover a Valentine’s Day gift, you don’t have to be giving Hallmark your hard-earned cash.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada February 6–February 12

It certainly seems this is the week of Munches! It is also the week before V-Day and many of your local sex shops are featuring workshops. Check them out!

Women are invited to Erotic Talk: Talking Dirty for Women to learn the basics of flithy phonetics.

The Beautiful Triumvirate Celebrated at Love Sex and Romance Show

The red season is kicking into high gear! The season of hearts and chocolate and can only mean the impending arrival of Valentine' Day. However, if you find all of those types of sentiments a little to plain, perhaps you need to step out to The Love Sex and Romance Show, a new addition to the sex show circuit taking place February 4–6 in Barrie, Ontario.

Sexlife Canada caught up with Event Producer Brenda McLaughlin as she prepares for the big event.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada January 30–February 5

At Sexlife Canada, we're always looking for events, workshops, munches, seminars and parties to feature. If you're presenting something, present it to us! Post your listing or email our Managing Editor.

Metro Kink presents Westward Bound, a three day conference and play festival. Should be a whip-crackin' good time.

Friends, Edmontonians, Let Me Tan Your Rears: Lupercalia Comes to Town

Historically, Lupercalia is an ancient Roman pastoral festival celebrated on the ides of February. Named after the Lupercus, the Roman god of shepherds, part of the celebrations involved noble youths and magistrates would run through the streets naked, striking people with thongs. Many of those people would purposely get in the way of the wild runners to be struck. Because it began as a ritual to ask for abundant crops, the festival became a rite to request fertility for women as well and they would request to be whipped.