Sex Events

Everyone Comes First at Sloppy Seconds

Sometimes a fun hobby can turn into a much more involved activity. The connection between art and healing—particularly for people who have suffered some sort of sexual trauma—is becoming increasingly understood and used. Mée Rose got into photography for fun and soon discovered the erotic possibilities of the medium. From there, she also discovered self-portraiture's healing potential.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada April 30-May 6

Want to capture some sexy images? Consider Art of Loving's Nude Photography Class

Tie one on at Alberta Rope Lovers Calgary

Penis Pleasing Workshop will teach you some new skills

Get Some Wood at Pink Velvet Burlesque's 5-Year Anniversary Party!

Whenever anything lasts 5 years, there is definite cause for celebration. Whether it be a relationship, a vibrator (okay those two might be mutually exclusive) or a fantastic burlesque troupe, 5 years is a long time to stick it out. But the ladies and men of Halifax’s Pink Velvet Burlesque have stuck it out and will be getting it on this weekend at two anniversary spectaculars!

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada April 23-April 29

Lots of new toys to play on at Den Play Party

Big, fantastic event Ten-In-One comes to town

Hope you're too tied up to not get to Alberta Rope Lovers

Much to Explore at Sexploratorium!

“We wanted to be able to frame an event to utilize and connect the existing resources in this city,” explains Harlot Fever, one of the organizers of Sexploratorium, “including a variety of organizations that can bring a wealth of knowledge around sexuality and experience, and to offer a safer space for people to come and explore desire and sexuality in a respectful and alternative way.”

The Feminist Porn Awards 2011 in Review

The Feminist Porn Awards have become a multi-event spectacle that have put Toronto on the sexual entertainment map. From screenings to networking to play parties, the burgoening feminist porn industry comes together to celebrate the past year and plan some awesome action in the future. Frequent Sexlife Canada contributer Dorianne took in all the action of this year's festival.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada April 16-April 22

The Art of Loving presents an essential workshop How To Have a Great Orgasm

Everybody loves a flea market, especially one you can get kinky gear at! A.S.K Calgary Kinky Flea Market

Stoney Creek
Tie one on or up at Club Edge "Birthday Bash"

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada April 9-April 15

Great instruction for your pleasure at Victoria Kinky Classes

Bring all your partners to What Is Polyamory? A Panel Discussion

Interior munch time at Kelowna Munch

Munch time in Sarnia

Hooking Up with The Feminist Porn Awards 2011

Like many young people, I was fascinated by all things sexual, including pornography. When I was underage I rarely got to see any porn but when I was in university it was around. However, it was more comical to me than hot. I saw girls who looked like Barbie dolls making stagy faces and noises with greasy-haired men sporting improbably-sized penises. While it was kind of arousing because hey, they are actually doing it, it mostly just seemed silly. And it didn’t seem like any sex I’d had or any sex I’d want to have.