Sex Events

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada August 20–August 26

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SMUT SLAM (in Victoria)

The Power of Pussy Seminar

Kelowna Rope Group Meetup

Provocative, Sexy, Emotional: The Art of Dawn Kress

“As a society we have such unhealthy beliefs about sex and sexuality and it is still often a taboo subject,” asserts Regina-based artist Dawn Kress. “Growing up, I struggled with my own sexuality and well into my adult years, finally came to terms with being a lesbian. I feared complete and utter rejection from family and friends not to mention the Catholic guilt that I came by as a result of my upbringing.”

Happy Valley: Okanagan Pride

Kelowna has had a very homophobic stigma attached that I personally believe it is slowly shedding,” affirms Dustyn Baulkam, chair of Okanagan Pride. “It’s by no means as open-minded as Vancouver but this is going to be my third year with Okanagan Pride and I have yet to encounter any problems or resistance from the local community.”

Kickstarting Intimacy in Your Relationship

“According to the K-Y Intimacy Report, most Canadians in long-term relationships (84%) are open to discussing intimacy and sex with their partners,” reveals Dr. Teesha Morgan. “However, this tendency wanes as time goes by. That being said, the good news is that Canadians are open to change!”

Pedaling For A Good Cause: Friends for Life Bike Rally

Over the past 12 years the Toronto People with Aids Foundation (PWA) has raised over $5 million dollars through their Friends for Life Bike Rally. On July 24th, 2011 over 400 people will once again hit the road to participate in this 600 km bike ride from Toronto to Montreal—all in just six days. These supportive individuals come from all sexual orientations, ethnicities, and backgrounds.