Sex Entertainment

Postive, Playful and All-Inclusive: Sexual Overtones

 “Because Sexual Overtones is more of a vaudeville troupe, each group of performers is encouraged to bring their own ideas and acts to the table to make up a show,” reveals founding member Cream Puff. “Many performers seem to be inspired by alternative ideas of what is sexy, or flip-side representations of pop culture sex and/or gender ideals. Other groups bring political fire to their acts. And finally, there are some who just find joy in making sex and sexuality fun and entertaining.”

"I couldn't believe I was getting paid to explore my kink and get off!": Maxine X

“In all relationships there can be jealousy,” relates Maxine X. “Couples just have to learn to communicate, talk about, agree on boundaries, make up their own rules for their relationship and also be patient and understanding.”

"Men doing burlesque is still pretty new to most people": Boylesque T.O.

“Our performances are comedic, theatrical, satirical, and sexy all at the same time. We really try to make our performances more than just men taking their clothes off,” reveals James and the Giant Pasty, aka Benjamin Paley of Toronto’s Boylesque T.O.. “We work with character, narrative, music, comedy, choreography and even incorporate circus arts like pole dancing and silks into our shows. We do touch on serious and political subjects, but always in a sexy and funny way, and in the end, men are always taking their clothes off.”

Playing sexy notes: Layla Labelle

 “Being a pornstar is an amazing job,” gushes Montreal’s Layla Labelle. “You get to meet so many people, gorgeous men and women.” In just a couple years, the native of Belgium has gone from occasional work in Montreal to being cast in the reality porn show Tight.

To Not Enjoy Them Would be Immoral: Sin Sisters

 “Burlesque is all about freedom of expression,” muses Ella-Mae Sin of the Ottawa burlesque troupe Sin Sisters. “It's more of an intelligent form of art now rather than a straight striptease so it's something that both men and women can enjoy. Also, boobs are classic.”

"Bringing sex to unexpected places is the best use of it": Eddie Stone

“I work in sex, like any other artist might work in paints or clay. It is the medium that inspires me to be at my most creative,” muses Toronto’s Eddie Stone, porn superstar. “My mind races with ideas and my soul comes to life. It's what I was born to do.”

"When the camera is on me, I just switch on": Siren Thorn

“I actually got involved in the BDSM/fetish scene here in Toronto first before I got into modeling,” explains Siren Thorn. “I met a friend from a BDSM personals site and she had her own fetish porn site. I modeled for her for the first time when I was 18.” This illustrious start was the beginning of a burgeoning career for Siren, who then moved on to webcam and lingerie and other modeling. After that photographers, producers and video companies started seeking her out—and she started seeking work herself.

Observing What's Funny About Sex: John Woods of The Wet Spots

“If I am confronting a sexual issue in my own life and relationships it can be harder to be glib and humorous about it when writing the comic material,” reveals John Woods, one half of the comedy burlesque sensation The Wet Spots. “But sometimes being honest about what hurts strikes a goldmine of laughs.”

It isn’t just a goldmine The Wet Spots have struck. It is the orgasm produced after giving someone a nice bauble made of gold that defines this duo of dirty ditties.

Home-grown Talent: REAL Productions

“It's much more exciting to watch someone you know have sex than a complete stranger,” states Jason Danilak, president of Alberta-based adult film company REAL Productions. With this simple premise, REAL has grown from Danilak’s original idea of a small mail-order business into an active, thriving production company with 200 films and 4 cable television series under their belt. “From the start our goal has been to give audiences more than just a viewing experience,” Danilak explains.