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Experience Pays Off: MILF Escort and Porn Star Carrie Moon

“I only started doing porn after about 2 years of researching it, that was about 4 years ago,” reveals Ottawa escort Carrie Moon. “And I dipped into it slowly. Eventually I decided to go full on for a few months in Los Angeles and absolutely loved it there.”

Overcoming to Keep on Cumming

Carpe diem. Seize the day. Live the dream. Yes, we hear these phrases thrown about all the time, so much so that they really don't have much meaning anymore. But if you take a step back to really think about and consider whether you are taking life for granted and just phoning it in, you might be surprised. Sometimes just having a dream is good, but then sometimes your dream can get snatched away from you before you even have a chance to fulfill it.

Retro-erotico-chic: Blue Light Burlesque

“We count ourselves lucky,” reveals Mlle Oui Oui Encore of Montreal’s Blue Light Burlesque. “Our troupe draws a large cross-section of the Montreal community, from people barely 18 to in their 70s, singles and couples and both french and english. But we still consider the shows an underground form of entertainment.”

Wascally Sexy Wabbits: Brash Bunnies Burlesque

“Our biggest motivation is to have fun,” enthuses Queena Hearts of Winnipeg’s Brash Bunnies Burlesque. “And that's what we want our audience to experience too! We do what we do because we are passionate about this art form and embrace ourselves as women with sexual identities, and that is what we try to get across to our audience.”

Sophisticated and Sexy: Les Coquettes

Les Coquettes are trying to create live theatre that allows people to check their inhibitions and anything from their ‘real life’ that might be weighing them down at the door,” details founding member and artistic Director Catherine Skinner. “We involve the audience in every show, and utilize each venue as dynamically as we can, so that our audiences feel like they are guests at a party we are hosting.”

The couple that works hard together, plays hard together: Casey and Jennifer

 “Every night we lay our heads down facing one another and say I love you to each other and that is, above all, the most important thing,” affirms Jennifer of “Whatever the day brought for us, it was an experience that both of us went through together as a couple.”

Vote for More Burlesque!: Capital Tease

 “One routine might be all about sexual innuendos, maybe the performer is portraying a person who is being excited by something that is making them want to undress, and the audience could be hooting and hollering,” explains Koston Kreme of Ottawa’s Capital Tease. “Another performance might have nothing to do with 'sex' as far as the story goes, but could show a strong woman or man who is confident in their sexuality and comfortable in their body. One way or the other, burlesque is a sexy art.”

Get Out of Your Parents' Basement for some Nerdlesque: Browncoats Burlesque

“The definition of a Browncoat is a rebel,” affirms Del Roba of Ottawa’s Browncoats Burlesque. “We as a group, even if we intended something to be "classic burlesque," you would be able to see the stamp of the Browncoats on it. We have an amazing way of making something uniquely Browncoats Burlesque. Perhaps a lot of sex appeal with an overtone of appreciation for where each one of us comes from. Be it a fantasy nerd or book worm or even music junkie.

Stunt Cock: My Dip into Amateur Porn

I was a stunt cock. And principle photographer. And lighting tech. And sound tech. I held all of these positions while simultaneously trying to hold many more positions. I worked in amateur Internet porn.

From Raunch and Rock to Class and Sophistication: The Firecrackers

“Sex plays a big role in my performances; although I like modern music and storytelling, I personally feel the striptease is the most important part of my numbers,” acknowledges Scarlett LaFlamme of The Firecrackers. “And I never want to get away from the fact that it is sensual, and it IS stripping.”