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Boylesque and Beauties: Stoo Metz

It all starts with a dream, a desire, a deep yearning to success. Or perhaps it starts with a dashing a chapeau. Whatever the case, the Halifax scene is a better place because of one man's desire to wear a hat. Double-threat artist Stoo Metz hits both sides of hot as both a pin-up photographer and boylesque performer.

Sexlife Canada chatted with Stoo about how he captures sexy images and presents one himself.

Preaching the Good Word of Tassles: Fogtown Follies Burlesque

“We have to go about it a bit differently here than in a city where the burlesque scene is more established or accepted,” admits Marie Noir of Fogtown Follies Burlesque. “We’ve had to educate Prince George and ease them into the idea of burlesque, but a lot of people here still don’t get it.”

They might not be getting it right away, but there’s no way the people of British Columbia’s Northern Capital will be able to resist the temptation of the Fogtown Follies for long.

Rockalily: Bringing Some Welcome Burlesque to Ottawa

At the best of times, what passes for politics in Ottawa looks like farce. Most of the time, it appears to be bad burlesque; without any titillating sex or other pleasant distractions to make it more bearable.

Fortunately, the members of Ottawa’s Rockalily Burlesque troupe have taken burlesque back from the politicians; at least the art form, that is. Formed in 2007, this hip collective is redefining what burlesque is and who gets to play!

Sexlife Canada recently got down with Rockalily’s Helvetica Bold to find out more.

Makin' Us All Purr: Swtlilkitty69

“I’d known about camming for 12 years but was a young mom with no confidence,” reveals Manitoba’s tattooed beauty Catherine Purrs, aka Swtlilkitty69. “I had moved to the city to rebuild my life and a talent and scouting agency was coming around. So I went to try out and they wanted me. I thought about it and decided to try camming and explore my sexuality a bit. WOW wonderful!”

Teasing the Nation: Burlesque has Returned!

Whether it's the thrill of showing a little bit of skin or the urge to send important messages through artist interpretation, burlesque is back and it's not afraid to shimmy into our Canadian hearts.

If you are new to the art, you are not alone. But never fear—a fresh face is always welcome in the audience.

So now, what exactly is burlesque anyway? By dictionary definition:

bur·lesque [ber-lesk] noun, adjective, verb, -lesqued, -lesquing -noun

Rookies of the Year: Bourbon&Spice Burlesque

“We are bringing back old-style burlesque with a modern edge, meaning we aren't showing as much skin and leaving more to the imagination,” reveals Kerosene of Ottawa’s Bourbon&Spice Burlesque. “All of our numbers are original and we are concentrating more on the art and humour of burlesque than the striptease.”

A Tasty Slice of Cheesecake: Champagne Sparkles

“I first watched burlesque in Vancouver at the Commodore Ball room and was dazzled by the amazing Catherine D’Lish,” reveals Victoria’s burlesque darling, Champagne Sparkles. “I started my burlesque performance journey with my Cheesecake sister Midori Colada at a workshop in early 2006 with Vancouver’s Little Woo. After hearing about the history of burlesque, learning how to twirl tassels and being taught some choreography I was racing to the stage!”

A Queen among Queens: Rouge Fatale

“I had, like, 30 minutes to think of a name before my first show,” remembers Halifax drag sensation Rouge Fatale. “I was in a pharmacy getting last minute things (eyelashes) and I saw two hair colours. Rouge Passions and Noir Fatale...2 + 2 = 1 drag name.”

Gore, Glam, Gorgeous: Demonica de Morte

“Many, many moons ago, I was a competitive dancer,” remembers Demonica de Morte. “I loved everything about the art of dance and performing. The glitz, the stress, the make-up, the roar of the audience, the hot lights, the open stage, the never-ending practicing, the traveling, the body aches, the expensive shoes and costumes, the shows, the judges, everything! That is until one day, my body couldn’t take this extreme and demanding sport anymore, and after 18 years of performing, I had to call it quits.”

Don't Hang Up Those Tassels Pandora LaGlamme!

“I've not actually been onstage in months,” admits Toronto performer Pandora LaGlamme, “so my plans seem to change regularly! Most often, I'm coming up with new numbers (performances) in my head, with a variety of humorous twists. But every so often, I wonder if it's time to throw in the towel and start putting together a wicked scrapbook for my future grandchildren...Looks like only time will tell.”