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My BDSM Journey: the evolution of conclusions

I remember quite vividly the scene that lay before me as I walked into the hotel for my first ever play party in the fall of 2007.

I remember the brightly lit lobby, my heart pounding as my friend and I made our way to the hotel room door and the way my heart seemed to stop as I stood in front of it, listening to muffled yelps and slapping sounds coming from the other side, envisioning the kiss of leather on skin and the writhing bodies underneath.

Stealing Time with Villainy Loveless

Lover, fighter, professional tease? How to argue with some who introduces herself with this description?
Villainy Loveless has been lovin', fightin' and teasin' the Vancouver burlesque scene as a featured performer and booking other great talent.

Sexlife Canada spoke with Villainy about her inspirations, the popularity of burlesque and her chances with my mom (I'd say chances are good).

Performance As Time Machine: Emily Lola Lockheart

She's been given the name "Canada's Sweetheart" and was a core member of one of the most influential burlesque and cabaret theatres in Canada. A regular performer aroun Vancouver for many years, Emily Lola Lockeheart has since relocated to Seattle to pursue a different kind of role: motherhood.

Sexlife Canada spoke with her about her days tearing up the Vancouver performance scene and what she plans for the future.

Roaring for Razzle Tassel!

"When we hit the climax of our act at the Vogue for last year's Vancouver International Burlesque Festival," remembers April O'Peel of The Razzle Tassel Tease Show, "the roar from the audience was absolutely life-changing."

Gentlemen and Ladies Prefer Ava Noir

Sometimes life finds a new direction from the most unexpected of intersections. We never know when we're going to be inspired to try something new. This teaches us to always take heed of what others are hinting or offering.

Proving Canadian Women Rock: Andee

What’s a girl-next-door to do? Between having a successful career, a loving relationship, growing family and fun hobbies, what other things might a sexy Canadian lady do to pass the time?

For her many fans, Andee made the right choice and decided to begin a hobby career sexing up the Internet with her wildly successful website. Of course, the main allure is Andee’s refreshing and unique approach to porn, but along with that she adds great little features that give her members a connection beyond just tits and ass.

Behind the Scenes with Cam Performer Durtee_Gurrl

Beyond our computer monitors, on the other side of the webcams are the models and entertainers who supply endless hours of hot, sexy times. Camming is a huge industry online, with models working from studios or out of their homes. Some customers come to talk, some talk to cum. It is one of the aspects of online sex that is very personal and intimate.

Sophia Sylvan, otherwise known as her cam persona Durtee_Gurrl, offered a sneak peek into her work beyond the cam and keyboard—and beyond.

Explore the Very Wide World of Fetish with Mistress T

“I have a filthy imagination but I would not be where I am without interaction with my fans,” reveals fetish website superstar Mistress T. “I spend a lot of time learning about their fetishes. I take requests but I go deeper than that. I put my own twist on it based on understanding, rather than just following someone else's script.”

Capturing Lightning with High Voltage Burlesque

“We rock a mean, high-octane ensemble number to our theme song “Danger! High Voltage!” enthuses Faryn Fireball of Kingston’s High Voltage Burlesque. “We also have a great carnival number featuring a lovely lady lion, a dominatrix trainer, a naughty clown, a ridiculous ringmaster and a boozy ballerina. Our style is very eclectic—the music, costumes, moves and characters are all over the map and yet cohesive when we’re all together.”

Lots of Risk, Great Reward: Tristan Risk

Whether she is on a stage taking off her clothes or under the big top hanging by her hair, Tristan Risk is a performer for the ages. As Little Miss Risk in Vancouver's Sweet Soul Burlesque troupe and multi-disciplined talent in Sex at the Circus, Tristan is well-known and much admired for her diverse and wild performances.