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A part of our heritage

Quebec filmmaker Dominic Poliquin has added lesbian nuns to his queer parodies of the Historica-Dominion Institute’s familiar “Historica Minutes”, called “Heritage Minutes”. Surely you remember the Historica Minutes: 60-second shorts meant to encapsulate a part of Canadian history? My personal favourites include “Winnie. The. Pooh!” and the homage to Nellie McClung’s sass (“Nice women don’t want the vote!”)

Why Christmas-ers kiss under the mistletoe

We might not be as big on the “kissing under the mistletoe” tradition in Canada than as in Europe, where it originated, but it does serve as good fodder for Winter rom-coms and a great excuse to lay one on a hot stranger at your next ugly sweater party. “But... why mistletoe?” you ask.

Well, thanks for the segue, reader! The tradition of kissing under a poisonous plant actually comes from a Scandinavian myth about Baldur the Beautiful and his mom (uh, not in an incestuous way):