Product Review

Plaything: Rosebud Multi-Vibe

I bought this pink tulip-shaped multi for two reasons: 100% silicone and shallow penetration. I found the smoothness very nice on my tender parts, requiring less lubrication than any other multi I've used before. The Rosebud is very silky to the touch, just rubbing the outside (with its vibrating manta ray shape) against my clit is a main event! It's wide enough to stimulate a lot of my clit at the same time making my honey button feel like its being massaged by silk.

Plaything: Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms have one simple focus: feeling natural. In no way can wearing a condom feel like wearing nothing at all, but Crowns come as close as it gets! Condoms made by Japanese companies have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and it’s understandable why. They’re made smooth (no bumps or ridges), which helps with the natural feeling. They also transfer body heat a lot better than most other condoms I’ve tried.

Plaything: Under The Bed Restraints

I love the ease of Under The Bed Restraints and count this as a definite top 5 toy in my fun box. They usually live under my mattress on top of the boxspring, splayed out and ready. Right now, they are under a friend's bed as a loaner gift to her newly-single self.

Plaything: Fun Factory’s Meany Minivibe

Fun Factory’s Meany Minivibe has the distinct honour of having been my very first ever vibrator. It was recommended to me a number of years ago as a good quality beginner vibe, and I still recommend it to customers in the very same way. A few features make the Meany—and all of the Minivibes, really—ideal for anyone who is new to the wonderful world of toys.

Plaything: The One Touch Bullet and Jelly Holster

One Touch Bullet
The One Touch Bullet is a nice option if you’re looking to add a little buzz to your love life for the first time. It’s small and cordless, which means it’s perfect for slipping into a sleeve or cock ring during intercourse, or even for adding a little oomph to your alone time. It’s totally mindless to operate, and requires little-to-no maintenance. Hard plastic means it’s easy to clean, and is totally hygienic.

Plaything: Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint

When I first brought the Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint home, I admit that I was nervous. First off, I thought it would taste like plastic. Second, I figured it would be runny and drip all over the place and to be honest, I was scared for my new white sheets.

Plaything: Lava Lotion Massage Oil Candles

The Lava Lotion massage candle is different from any other massage oil you’ve tried. It starts off as a candle (scented in vanilla, eucalyptus peppermint, sandalwood sage, jasmine, lavender, or strawberry) and melts into lusciously smooth oil. How does it work? One of the ingredients is Palm Kernel oil, which is semi-solid at room temperature. Other ingredients include coconut oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba. These are all natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

Plaything: The Hip G

The Hip G is a perfect 10 in two ways that I have explored in depth. It has the power to send me into fast, hard orgasmic bliss as the plastic shell transmits strong vibration better than some softer vibe cousins will.
Its large, bulbous head covers a lot of surface area where my clit has gone underground, ensuring the entire organ receives attention all at once. For the price, it's an excellent all-around pleasure device and being made of smooth plastic is also very easy to clean.