Product Review

Plaything: Night Light Condom

While some people could view a neon green, glow-in-the-dark condom as a gimmick, I see Night Light Condomes as a playful sex show. Marvel at the disappearing act in the pitch black! It’s hot to watch and throws a twist on your normal view of your favorite cock. Night Lights are striped, so it’s less saber-like and more sweater. These neon, lubed condoms are the only glow-in-the-dark condoms that may be safely used for penetration, unlike the cheaper novelty varieties.

Plaything: Sliquid Organic Lubricant

After months of testing out each and every water-based lube on the market, I have finally found the one. The perfect lubricant doesn’t exist, for anyone, because we all have different needs and various priorities. Choosing a lube is shockingly similar to choosing a partner!

Plaything: O’My Clitoral Cream

As someone with a notoriously stubborn clitoris, I thought a little extra oomph might be something to try in the bedroom. I’ve yet to try any other clitoral stimulant creams, so I can’t talk about O’My Clitoral Cream comparatively, but I can say what I thought of it on its own.

Plaything: Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk is the second lubricant I’ve tried. No hard feelings to my old stand-by, but I get restless even using the same toothpaste for too long, so I figured it was time to switch things up. Liquid Silk intrigued me with its sassy packaging, and its promise of non-tacky, no stick, lotion-y goodness.

Plaything: Hitachi Magic Wand

I had seen the Hitachi Magic Wand—a powertool of a vibrator—used to get women ejaculating for the camera in many a blue video and I now know why. Even on its low setting, it sends shockwaves through the pelvis vibrating the G-spot from outside. I place a down pillow between it and my lower stomach for an out-of-this-world clit G-spot combo orgasm. Try it while being penetrated and you also might find new ways to scream OH MY GOD.

Plaything: Reality Female Condoms

I have been using Reality Female Condoms ever since I (wrongly) assessed that I was allergic to latex. It turned out to be the lube I was using, but in any case using these rather oddly-shaped condoms turned out to be a good choice for other reasons.

Plaything: Smart Balls

I was dubious of Smart Balls at first, unsure of what exactly having a pair of weighted bouncy balls up my twat would do for me (other than obviously being hilarious) but I am definitely a convert.

Plaything: Lucky 7 Vibrator

Let’s be honest, there are a billion miniivibrators out there with similar shape, size, colour, even name! How do you pick? We all have our own preferences in shape, size, colour, and maybe even name (who would want to buy a vibe named Barf?). The truth is, sometimes we just want a small, discreet quiet vibe for a little something extra from time to time. These little bullet or egg shaped toys come in many different vibration settings and strengths and until you’ve tried a few different ones, it’s really difficult to know which one will do the trick for you.

Plaything: Water Dancer

I was somewhat surprised to find Vibratex's Water Dancer become one of my new favourite things.

Plaything: The Delight

What a sweet toy to masturbate with. The pronounced S curve shape of The Delight makes this gadget a perfect solo orgasm tool. The buttons are right there at the pelvis, no reaching down to figure it out in the dark. I freaking LOVE this toy. It has an excellent range of low-to-strong vibrations and unlike a lot of other vibes, I actually do penetrate with it as the tight curved ‘thumb’ pushes into my g-spot without my having to dig around for the right angle.