Product Review

Plaything: Tenga Fliphole

I heard the Tenga Fliphole was the most evolved masturbation sleeve for guys. I wanted to give him a toy to thank him for the vibrator he bought me, so bought him this. I think the Tenga has improved on most sleeves in many ways. It looks cool! It isn't tasteless and potentially embarrassing if left out as it looks like a Mac accessory to me. It's made of silicone so it's definitely more hygeinic than the jelly ones.

Plaything: Stroke 29

Stroke 29 is a primo handjob cream that's been formulated just for spanking the monkey.

At first I thought it was hyped up gunk sold with slick packaging. At first. It starts out feeling like a thick cream but after stroking my boyfriend with it for a while, it turned into this warm, skin-like lubricant unlike anything else we've used.

He uses it on himself instead of handcream now, and I just use it on him when I have my period and don't want him inside me.

Plaything: Beeswax Taper Candles

I absolutely adore these Beeswax Taper Candles. Love ‘em. Everything about ‘em. I don’t even feel like I have to explain why, I just want to tell you to go buy them. They're that good.

OK, but in all seriousness, these candles are pretty great. I’m a big fan of candlelit bathtime, candlelit bedtime, candlelit anytime, really, but I’m not a fan of the waxy residue-y smell I find a lot of candles—particularly scented ones—leave in the air after I burn them.

Plaything: Crystal Wand Deluxe

3 words: G-spot, G-spot, and G-spot. The Crystal Wand Deluxe is a fantastic toy! I discovered it during a seminar on self-pleasuring for women that had a tantric twist to it. This is an S-shaped dildo made of 100% hard, clear acrylic. One side of the 'S' has 3 balls that are a bit wider than the rest. So here is the scenario: You (a woman) are sitting and leaning back against a stack of comfy pillows. You’re holding this pretty, shiny toy in your hand facing upwards.

Plaything: Earthly Body Nag Champa Hemp Seed Massage Oil

It’s really hard finding a simple, everyday massage oil with no frills, no stickiness, and a scent that doesn’t make you gag. Well I found one! Earthly Body makes a bunch of products, but this one is my favourite. All of their oils are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Plaything: Perk Vibe

Dils are a funny thing and we all seem to have a fairly firm (teehee) opinion of them. Realistic, hard, smooth, bumpy, veiny, purple, stubby, long, thick, lean…There are so many options and you have to choose what feels good for you. However, there are a few attributes that make the Perk Vibe, in my opinion, better than most.

Plaything: Brainwave Head Massager

Imagine a big metal spider slowly descending onto your head. Now imagine each of the spider’s legs are covered in soft rubber. Essentially, it’s an instant brain orgasm. I’ve tried a few of these before, like the copper one that has bendable legs. The Brainwave Head Massager is by far my favourite. The legs are actually thin enough to bend by themselves to every bump and curve on your head. Using this funny-looking tool has a few different purposes.

Plaything: Mini Pearl

This was my first vibrator, maybe my second. Don't recall, but I do remember it fondly! The price was right, and it has a nice low to high dial that didn't freak me out with intense power. I was also able to keep it tidily tucked away in its little box unlike the power tools I now have that are generally bigger than the average book. I think I got about a year of abuse from it before the cord became detached from the vibrator, but it wasn't a frustratingly slow demise; it just simply stopped working one day.

Plaything: Body Bars

These cocoa butter massage bars are absolutely delightful. They’re all-natural, and yummy sweet, but not sticky at all. They’re sweetened with stevia, a natural herbal sweetener, which means they won’t get sticky on your skin, or cause irritation if they end up in your lady-parts. In fact, they eventually absorb right into your skin like lotion, so none of that oily, slippery, post-massage feel! Just lovely, soft, scented skin—with no need to shower.

Plaything: Hathor Aphrodesia Lube

Hathor lube! I love Hathor lube! I can safely say it’s my favourite out of any lubricant I’ve tried. I bought an 8oz bottle of it years ago, and it’s lasted me to this day (granted, through a couple of dry spells, and it’s running out now, but still…)