Product Review

G-Twist G3

I’ve talked to quite a few people who loved this vibrator and, while I can see the appeal, it doesn’t rank among my favorites.

That’s not to say the G-Twist by Fun Factory isn’t good. It’s 100% Silicone, so it’s easy to clean. The controls are improved, I’m not fumbling with it to change the speed, but it also doesn’t turn on if I accidentally bump my nightstand the way the previous G2 series would. And it’s relatively quiet for such a powerful vibe.

Plaything: Fuzuoko 9000

I cannot say enough good things about this mini vibe.

It was one of my first and I have repurchased it twice. It is my favourite for so many reasons.

First, it is one of the most versatile toys I have ever owned. I have used it alone, during oral, and during penetrative sex.

Second, I love that it attaches to your finger, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip on it during playtime.

The Quattro

For someone like me, for whom anal play is still a little intimidating, The Quattro by Fuze Toys is the perfect beginner plug. It’s slim enough to ease my anxiety but the tapered bulbs keep it interesting and allow it to be used as anal beads as well. Plus, the handle at the base will fit a vibrating bullet! How smart is that!?

Plaything: The Liberator Throe

Liberator has solved an awkard problem with their new 'throes'. The wet spot that usually accompanies good, messy sex. Super soft, we ordered the microfibre one and while it cost the same as our heated blanket did; it's been well worth it.

Playthings: the small Ripple

A nice trait in an anal toy is a curved tip at the end for ease of entry.

What I really appreciate in my small ripple is that it's two anal toys in one, three if I add vibration to the base!

Plaything: the Layaspot

 The Laya Spot has all the right curves.

Like the partner that fits as a perfect spoon for snuggling, the Laya Spot felt like it was made just for me.

Acquainting with a new toy (like a new lover), can sometimes be uncomfortable and take time.

Plaything: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

"Moving from phonetics to etymology, ‘vagina’ originates from a word meaning sheath for a sword. Ain’t got no vagina." – Inga Muscio

If this book had been in my life as a teenager, I may very well have skipped years and years of faking orgasms, lying about masturbating, being afraid to touch/talk about/think about my vagina. Cunt: A Declaration of Independence is a jumpstart for body acceptance and sex positivity.

Plaything: Yes Clitoral Stimulant Cream

Spend a little time online and I’m sure you’ll find a zillion different products claiming to “enhance the female orgasm” and that “act as the Viagra for women.” I’ve tried a few topical stimulants to see if any of them act as more than just a minty tingle and a more flavourful oral sex experience.

Plaything: Kimono Red Form Thins

Kimono Red Form Thins are, hands down, my favourite condom of any I’ve tried. Miles thinner than drugstore brands (but I’ve never had one break!) and perfectly contoured to the shape of his cock, they seem almost painted on. The sleek fit is particularly nice for circumcised dudes, tapering off toward the tip and then ballooning out to accommodate the head. Fits like a glove! A nice, expensive, tailored glove. Not some ill-fitting rubber glove trying to pass itself off as a prophylactic.

Plaything: Afterglow Wipes

One thing I love besides my willing partner is to have little wipes, like Afterglow Wipes, nearby. Good sex is sloppy and messy—but sometimes too messy. If my pussy is too lubed up, I don't feel him as much so I use these wipes to get things back to normal pronto. I use them on my toys if I just want to stay in bed after getting off, without having to traipse to the bathroom for a rinse off. If he's come anywhere outside my mouth or pussy, they are nice for picking up the wayward splooge too.