Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: Tasha Riley of AIDS Vancouver

An entire generation has grown up with the reality of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but still, many do not fully understand its different personal and social implications. Those who live with the condition every day are still the victims of stigmas born of lack of compassion and ignorance. Education for all of us has grown over the years and it is helping everyone understand, but it still needs to do more.

Pillow Talk: Ryan Russell

Canada has a lovely tradition of producing hot and sexy gay porn stars who head to the United States with starry eyes and hard cocks. One of these Canuck cuties is Ryan Russell. At age 29 he got a call from a San Francisco-based porn company to come on down to come so he jumped at the chance. He'd always planned to get involved in porn, but was waiting for the right moment.

Sexlife Canada caught up with Ryan to talk about making the leap into the business, being a natural performer and his dick being all over the place.

Pillow Talk: Kara Sutra

It seems that everyone is taking to Youtube to bitch, praise, whine, and blather to try and become a viral video star. Built-in and inexpensive webcams give these folks the portal they need to tell us to stop bugging Britney or that a double rainbow is the most brilliant thing in the world. Fortunately, there are actually a plethora of videos that  provide useful insight, particularly on sex and sexuality? How can viewers possibly wade through all of this to find valuable information?

Pillow Talk: Bruce LaBruce

Did anyone think Bruce LaBruce could be more controversial? The writer, director, photographer and bon vivant of the film/porn world has shocked the film world on a regular basis with his work. He's been the frequent target of customs seizures, had his films protested and chatted with the police on occasion. However, the current situation involving his most recent film, LA Zombie, is creating rumblings of an international proprotion.

Sexlife Canada caught up with Bruce to catch up on the details an LA Zombie's troubles Down Under.

Pillow Talk: Many Goodhandy and Todd Klinck

When the words 'sex' and 'party' are thrown together in Toronto, one venue comes to mind immediately. The dynamic duo of Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck have established their hotspot Goodhandy's as the place to go to find a good time—of almost any kind. In thoroughly embracing the concept of a "pansexual playground," Goodhandy's hosts a wide variety of club nights for a wide variety of clientele.