Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: Rabbit's Reviews

Film has Roger Ebert. Books have Oprah. Television has Rob Salem. But who gives the thumbs up to the thousands of porn sites all over the internet?

Based in Montreal, Rabbit's Reviews was launched in 2003 to give porn consumers the ability to pick and use the sites they want and not have to suffer through sites that don't deliver promised content. Sexlife Canada chatted with the site's Director of Marketing Doug about what goes into a good porn site and where the industry as a whole is headed.

Pillow Talk: Talking Tantra with Devi Ward and Jacques Drouin

Bringing the word 'tantra' can gather you a wide variety of reactions, from wonder to incredulity to shock to bewilderment. When Sting made pronouncements about his sexual prowess because of his tantric teachings, he was met with astonishment and mocking. These attitudes come from a lack of understanding about what tantric teachings can do for a person, sexual and otherwise.
Sexlife Canada asked Devi Ward and Jacques Drouin of Vancouver's Tantric Arts of Love to demystify the world of Tantra.

Pillow Talk: Freaky Fountain Press

How dark is too dark? How far can writers go in expressing their fantasies? Will readers accept stories about rape, incest, entrails and many more societally-deemed deviant thoughts? Few publishers will even read these types of stories, let alone publish them for the masses. As a publisher bucking that trend, Freaky Fountain Press are open to letting literary sexual experimentation flow. Sexlife Canada discussed the world of dark erotica with publishers Catherine Leary and Robin Wolfe.

Pillow Talk: Proper Harlot Molly Robinson

It is too easy to say that society has a skewed conception of sex workers. In a time when laws restricting and endangering the lives of people in the sex trade may fall, those who will hopefully be protected are still be attacked and murdered. Is it a true hatred of the supposed immorality of sex workers that drives society to push these people to the margins? Have they been shunted off for so long that we've even forgotten they are people?

Pillow Talk: Yoga for Sexual Health

Yoga is a powerful physical activity that helps to balance your physical, psychological and emotional centres of life. It is a lot more than just grabbing a mat and twisting yourself into shapes. Oddly enough, that last description could apply to sex as well. But we all know that sex is a lot more than twisting. When you combine the two, sex and yoga, you can acheive significant personal and joint satisfaction for you and your partner.

Pillow Talk: Domina Doll's Green Sex Toy Month

April is the month to celebrate all that is green with the environmental movement taking centre stage. The movement definitely applies to your bedroom movements as well. All consumers of sex toys and products should be aware of where those toys come from, how they are made and what they are made of.
Throughout the month of the month, Domina Doll will be giving away one "green" sex product per day through her website PopMyCherryReview.com. She chats with SLC about the giveaway and all the information fun folks should know.

Pillow Talk: Seeking Simone

Dating sucks. We all know it. If it was such a lovely experience, humans as a species wouldn't always be trying to think of new and easier ways to make it happen. Regardless of whether your goal is to get into someone's pants or their heart, you need to do that dance at least a little bit.

One of the beautiful things about the internet is the advent of dating websites that can take some of the clumsy first steps out of that lambada of lust. These sites can save you much time, embarrassment and headache. And that is exactly what Simone is hoping for.

Pillow Talk: Enza Simone Silano of Northbound Leather

Sometimes the kickstart to success really does come from a simple act. The Toronto fetish scene was forever changed by such an instance. Can anyone in Toronto—or outside of it for that matter—imagine alternative sexuality without Northbound Leather? From designs to parties to presence, Northbound has been shaping the way people think of leather and fetish since the late 1970s.

Sexlife Canada caught up with Enza Simone Silano of Northbound Leather to revel in the history of the place and see where they're leading kinksters in the future.

Pillow Talk: Sonya JF Barnett, organizer of April 3rd's Slut Walk

On January 24th, 2011, at a campus safety information session held at Osgoode Hall on the University of Toronto campus, a representative of the Toronto Police stated “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” 

Pillow Talk: Sir Kira

Among the many different worlds of fetish, leather, it can be argued, is the one that has the most mainstream appeal and at the same time the most hardcore community. Many people get into the idea of fetish through the leather scene—a scene that remains very strong and very active. This combination proves that leather is much more than a fetish, it is also a lifestyle.