Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: Society of Bastet

Do you think the only knots they tie in Halifax are on fishing boats? That kink is one of those things that gets in your fishing line? That Bluenose is a boat? (Okay, that last one actually is a boat-related thing!) Well, if you are a touch confused about all things sex—beyond vanilla—then you should check out the Society of Bastet (SoB).

Sexlife Canada recently caught up with Ranger, SoB’s Director of Media and Communications, to check in on the status of the kinky scene in Halifax and the organization’s role in its growth.

Pillow Talk: NOIR Fetish Ball

Sometimes it is a little hard to see past all of the show and spectacle to find down-to-earth kink and fetish players. Club nights can be full of gawkers who wouldn’t know that a paddle doesn’t always propel your canoe. So a couple of enterprising guys from the Vancouver scene set out to start a back-to-basic fetish night. The result is the wildly popular NOIR Fetish Ball, happening every third Saturday of the month at The Cobalt.

Pillow Talk: Hypnotist Dave Curran

Look into my eyes, listen to my voice...when I count to three and snap my fingers, you will be under...

Wildly entertaining and often controversial, hypnosis is a ages-old skill that has left people bewildered, confused and enthralled for centuries. Is it real? Are people actually under the hypnotist's command? Do they really just want to do those things?

Pillow Talk: Heterosexuals For Same-Sex Equality

“What would you think if I sang out of tune/
Would you stand up and walk out on me?”

Whatever tune you might be singing, whatever instrument you might be playing, friends don’t walk out on friends. And Heterosexuals For Same-Sex Equality want the queer community to know that they right there to help out. Whether it be protesting, advocacy initiatives or mourning, HSSE bring their mission of tolerance and understanding to the public at large to further the cause of same-sex equality.

Pillow Talk: Talking Casual Sex with Jocelyn Wentland, Sex Researcher

Many of us will relate—with keen interest—to sex researcher Jocelyn Wentland’s area of study: casual sex.

Pillow Talk: Photographer Danny Girl Portieous

Raw. Edgy. Strong. Wow. None of these are out of place when you first encounter the photographs of Montreal's Danny Girl Portieous. A rebel with a camera and a cause, Danny has been blazing a sexy, smart and smutty trail across the picture-makin' world. Her subjects are outsiders living on the fringe and she is always ready to tell their tale with her images. At the same time, she has worked for high profile clients with numerous magazine covers to her credit.

Pillow Talk: PACE Society

The struggle of social service groups can, sadly, mimic the struggle for survival that so many marginalized peoples endure on a daily basis. First, the organization or person needs to be noticed and recognized as essential (as all people should be). Once (if) that happens, the organization or person still faces an uphill climb to respectability and that climb is often a long process. In addition to social and philosophical pressures, finances are always going to be a difficult issue, one that can cause the downfall of organizations and individuals alike.

Pillow Talk: Kink in Motion

Sometimes a person's blog can you tell you so much. Sometimes it just scratches the surface. Kink in Motion is a fascintating read because KIM, the pansexual, polyamourous, sapiosexual switch and creator of the site is a dynamic individual! From her base in Southern Ontario, you're going to read and learn about poi, erotic photography, flow arts and so much more. 

Sexlife Canada connected with the woman behind the words to discover what inspires her, what excites and and where her words are coming from.

Pillow Talk: David Gaudreault of IdealCondoms.ca

Think about it. Do you go into a clothing store and just grab items off the rack, pay and leave? Not likely. You’d get home, try them on and likely find that you’ve bought something too small, too large, too tight, too loose. Or you might decide you don’t like the colour or any number of other reasons. So why should people buying condoms have to go through such guess work? Now, obviously it wouldn’t really work to have condom changing rooms, but the opportunity to educate people about different condoms is certainly there, making their choices about condoms more informed.

Pillow Talk: Baring All about Burlesque

The art of burlesque is near and dear to our hearts here at Sexlife Canada. We feature troupes and performers on a regular basis. Those brave souls who take the step (shimmy) forward to strut their stuff on stage deserve all the props in the world for performing. Why do they do it? What reasons do women and men have for wanting to strip down to pasties? Is it just for performance or more?