Featured Personality

Men on Film: Drasko Bogdanovic

“I absolutely love old glamour photography—classics from the early 20th century as well as porn from the 70s and 80s. Maybe its all that facial hair” muses Toronto-based photographer Drasko Bogdanovic.

With a number of shows under his belt, Bogdanovic has emerged as a powerhouse of male nude and erotic photography. His work has shown in many local galleries and at several international exhibitions. Numerous pieces have also been picked up in newspapers and been used for national advertising campaigns.

Tanya Cheex: Toronto's Queen of Burlesque

“I think burlesque has to be seductive in order to work,” offers Tanya Cheeks, Founder and Artistic Director of Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque. And to that she makes it her goal to find the most uncomfortable-looking audience member and does her best to “make them squirm.”

Kristopher Wells fights to make Alberta schools safer for all

Kristopher Wells is an activist, community leader, mentor and researcher at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta. He is also a shinning example of an individual who lives and breathes their cause.

Wells’ research, teaching, and social service work focuses on creating inclusive schools and communities for youth of any sexual or gender orientation. Currently, he plays a key role in the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s human rights committee and in a Society working for safe and caring schools.

Ottawa sex researcher: Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz

After studying Human sexuality for over 25 years, Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz, Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, has discovered that novelty, newness and creativity in bed isn’t all that it has been made out to be.

Kleinplatz graduated from University of Ottawa with a B.A. (Honours) in Psychology in 1981 and Ph.D. in 1987. She has published dozens of articles and papers on a wide range of topics from how to talk to your kids about sex to ethical dilemmas faced by Sex Therapists.

Lord Morpheous

Toronto’s rope and kink master turns 41

In January I encountered Lord Morpheous at a Toronto rope workshop where he shared some insights with the group, and afterward talked to me about various things including his performances at the (now closing) Reverb during its iconic Subspace parties, and his old and new book projects.

Chris Atchison gives Johns a Voice

Chris Atchison, an instructor of Sociology at Simon Fraser University, has just completed the largest study ever conducted of buyers of sex services, with nearly 1000 respondents. Atchison has been involved in research on sex buying since 1995.

Atchison’s study called John’s Voice gives an illuminating look into the behaviours, experiences, and opinions of individuals who buy commercial sex. The popular image of a typical “John” has been mainly moulded by religious, moral, political and social interest groups whose sole interest is abolition of prostitution.