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Happiness in Comfort: Nikki Thomas

 “Some people are threatened by what they consider to be overly-sexual discussion,” suggests Nikki Thomas, “and I think that we really need to be more up-front and open about sex, especially with kids.” Currently working toward her second degree in Psychology, Nikki has also been involved in the Sexual Diversity Studies Students Union at the University of Toronto.

Laura Zilney: Dr. Sex to the rescue

“Largely I get my inspiration from the people I see in my practice,” reveals Dr. Sex. “To guide people on their journey to overcome their sexual problems is truly profound.” Known to many as Dr. Sex, through her weeky appearances on The Dean Blundell Show on The Edge 102.1 FM in Toronto, Dr. Laura Zilney is a board certified sexologist.

Andrea Zanin: Sex never rests

“The reason I do so much work around sex and sexuality,” imparts Andrea Zanin, “is because sex is such a lightning rod for politics, as well as being such a clear channel for personal growth.” If this is true than her ‘personal’ must be about twelve feet tall.
Andrea is one of those whirlwind dynamos who just doesn’t seem to stop working. That so much of her work is focused on sex and sexuality is a bonus to anyone looking for answers to sexual queries. Don’t believe me? Here’s what she currently working on:

Sue Mcgarvie puts sex back in Media

On Sunday night Ottawa's new radio station geared towards women EZ Rock 99.7 will debut it's newest show, Love & Lipstick. Hosted by long time veteran of the sex in radio circuit, Sue Mcgarvie, Love and Lipstick is an evening relationship show with a sassy edge.

Sue has been describe by Oxygen Magazine as “North America's funniest sex therapist” . In 1993, she hosted a #1-rated radio call-in show for five years called Sunday Night Sex With Sue with Standard Broadcasting on The Bear CKQB in Ottawa . She then went on to

Wendy Babcock: 24/7 Inspiration

“I believe that sex is inherent in every human being and that we need that positive touch and release to be whole,” muses Wendy Babcock. A woman who wears many hats, Wendy is a well-known activist in Toronto. She’s a former teen sex worker, she’s the creator of the Bad Date Coalition, she’s the winner of Toronto’s inaugural Public Health Champion Award. And from all of this, Wendy is now determined to become a lawyer.

6Ps of Sexual Wellness

I have never heard the 6P's (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) used in relation to sex before but they are exactly what sex educator and therapist Dr. David Hersh says more people need to keep in mind.

“When you’re gonna have sex, plan ahead what you need and set up your space… towels, lots of lube, refreshments, music, videos, etc., so you don’t have to jump up and down to get stuff,” he says. “Hide all clocks in the room. Shut all telephone ringers. There are no goals in bed. You really can have sex for eight hours.”

Bringing sexuality to women: Kim Sedgwick

“I would say my sexual persona lives in my heart,” shares Kim Sedgwick, co-proprietor of Red Tent Sisters. “I grew up in an affectionate and highly communicate family where love was expressed. I feel that my sexuality and my sexual persona are an extension of this—sexuality is a means of expressing the love and beauty and connection I share with others.”

Creating Dreaming Landscapes: Chris Ablett

“Creating art and writing poetry that celebrates my desires as a gay trans man really pleases me,” muses Chris Ablett.

Already an accomplished art and erotic photographer, Chris’ work has appeared in shows across Toronto. Last summer he mounted “Sitting”, a large and strong collection of over 200 diptych-style images featuring dreaming landscapes combined with self-portraits.

Christine Bruckert trys to give sex workers POWER

Government laws are forcing Canadian citizens into dangerous environments, just so they can make a living, says Christine Bruckert.

Bruckert is a University of Ottawa criminology professor and an advocate for sex worker rights. She received her Ph.D., in sociology from Carleton in 2000 and has since then authored the book Taking it Off, Putting it On: Women in the Strip Trade along with numerous other papers highlighting the flaws in the Canadian legal system's treatment of sex workers.

The Divine Miss C-Cadence Macmichael


If you live in Halifax and have ever been to any of the sexy events in town including the Burlesque shows, the Fetish Ball, the Everything to Do with Sex Shows, the Girlish Production parties or various fundraisers, you have no doubt seen Miss C (Cadence Macmicheal) doing one of her signature performances. Cadence is the reigning Starlet of Burlesque in Halifax, whose style pays homage to the classical Burlesque performers of old, like Dixie Evans—the "Marilyn Monroe Of Burlesque” who Cadence says was her biggest inspiration.