Featured Personality

His Fingerprints are Everywhere: Daniel Allen Cox

“Sex makes me want to write about bodies. It also inspires me to create erotic portraits that go beyond physical description and into complex, and sometimes contradictory desires and states of mind,” reflects Daniel Allen Cox, author, columnist and former sex worker. “In a more literal sense, I might plan sex as the reward at the end of a long writing day. When that happens, you’d better believe I reach my daily target.”

Leather, Rubber and Sashes: Fenn

“I have a sexual act named after me. But don't attempt it without a few trial runs and a reinforced sling frame” boasts kink, leather and rubber enthusiast Fenn.

Vote For Sexy Student Council President: Veronka Swartz

“They say fear is a good motivator, I say Sex is the best motivator. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I say Sex makes the heart grow fonder,” jokes Veronika Swartz. “They say don't count your chickens before they hatch, I say Sex.” Of course she’s going to say something funny.

Endlessly Fascinated By Sex: Olga Wolstenholme

“Down and dirty life experiences are what I find inspiring,” reveals Olga Wolstenholme, creator of the fascinating blog Cuntlove.

The Sound of Getting Started: Jess MG

“Not having sex sucks. I will go to great lengths to fulfill my sexual needs,” divulges Jess MG, member of the Audio Smut collective. “It’s a priority. Having great sex makes everything better.” Airing monthly on CKUT in Montreal, Audio Smut is a “racy radio show exploring the vast terrain of sexuality. We are a feminist collective of sex positive activists who are committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency” and Jess has been a part of the collective for 2 years.

Proving why Sex Matters: Cynthia Loyst

"I love when I meet people from completely different cultural/social/sexual circles, who share their stories about love and sex," affirms Cynthia Loyst, Producer and Host of Sex Matters. “For example, I once met a woman from Bangladesh who asked me about the show and then proceeded to share the intimate details of her wedding night.

Performing Nature: Ms. Natx

“Sex is just so beautiful! Sexuality in general is just so magnificent,” reveals burlesque performer and fetish model Ms. Natx. “Sometimes it can be so passionate and sweet and then sometimes it's just so primal! The emotions that are put forth in a good fucking are simply incredible. Passion is what drives me.”

A Lifetime of Sex: Bryen Dunn

"Sex is nature's creative energy. Being sexually frustrated is a deterent to one's overall well being," reveals local impressario Bryen Dunn. "I find a sudden surge of energy after sex, a release of the creative juices so to speak."

Further Confessions: Myna Wallin

 “I find sex to be a kind of life force, and it adds a vitality and authenticity to my writing.” muses Myna Wallin, author of Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar. “It’s by removing your inhibitions, and letting yourself write about people's sexual quirks…that is liberating for me, and hopefully interesting for the reader.”

Sex on the Airwaves: Jeanette Cabral

“I'm often met the the comment ‘YOU do a SEX show?!?? Say something sexy!’” muses Jeanette Cabral, Producer of Sex City. “So I'll incorporate the word ‘cock’ in a legitimate conversation at the water cooler and then people get over it and I'm able to get back to my desk.”