Featured Personality

Songs in the Key of Sex: Lefty McRighty

 “I'm inspired by the taboo associated with it,” reveals Ottawa songwriter Lefty McRighty. “Sex is something that everyone experiences, or tries to, but isn't often talked about openly. That's why I write songs about sex-related hijinx.”

Giving Performance and Education A Boost: Keith Cole

“I like to provoke people and get a response—not always a positive (or negative) response—but some sort of response,” reveals the inimitable Keith Cole. “Sex is a great way to provoke people especially when it is right there in their face to deal with. Sex gives me some great on and off stage material.”

Taking Personal Breaks During The Day: Josey Vogels

“I've done, print, radio, TV, internet and public speaking so I dunno, porn actress?” muses Josey Vogels. “I’m not a good enough actor but actually, one thing I have always longed to do is to make a really great porn film, one that is hot, fun and smart but not so smart that you find the need to fast forward through the brainy bits.”

Making Sweet Music: Amber Goodwyn

 “Right now I’m lucky to be an artist pretty much full-time, which allows me to access themes that speak to me as they come up, including sex,” reveals Amber Goodwyn of the Montreal band Nightwood. “Also, as a friend and lover, I’m open to supporting those I care about whenever they have something sex-related they’d like to discuss, so in those ways sex is still involved in my life (outside of having sex, that is).”

Spreading the Pink: Anna Von Frances

 “When I'm not having sex I'm pretty inspired to find it,” admits Anna Von Frances, perhaps Toronto’s best known gal-about-town. While it may be cold and snowy right now, Anna is busy preparing for the busy spring and summer seasons. She is the founder of PinkMafia, an all-female promotion and event planning company that focuses on entertainment, particularly music.

Going For It and Revving it Up!: Desirée Odessa

“I love the physical aspect, the psychological aspect, the potential for exploration and play, the beauty in bodies, the allure of erotic energy,” reveals Desirée Odessa. “When it comes to my art, sex is inevitably something I gravitate towards when I attempt to express myself.”

Not a Mirage: Toni Johnson

 “Sex is an opportunity to find excitement, peace, fun and an escape from everyday worries,” muses Toni Johnson, owner of Oasis Aqualounge. “I always feel better after sex. I feel positive, fulfilled and attractive. I want everyone to experience that at Oasis. For me, life is good, and sex is the cherry on top!”

Dr. Trina Read to the rescue

Calgary sexologist Dr. Trina Read has a mission to show couples how to have fun, fresh and meaningful sex.

Read didn’t set out for a career helping others with their sex lives. She spent 10 years pushing papers in the corporate world until in her late 20’s. A speech by renowned Canadian sex educator Sue Johansen, a viewing of the Vagina Monologues, and some encouraging words from a male friend all inspired her to learn everything she could about sexuality in order to help others. She now holds a doctorate of Sexuality from the Institute of Human sexuality in San Francisco.

She gets your motor runnin': Sasha Van Bon Bon

“Sex brings out many things in me: it inspires me, it enrages me, it calms me down, it makes me ambivalent, it breaks my heart, it soothes it. If you read my column carefully enough, you’ll always know when I’m in love, when I’m getting laid really well, or when I’m heartbroken,” says the lady who needs no introduction in the Toronto sex scene, Sasha Van Bon Bon. Whether it be as a burlesque performer without compare or as the sex advice columnist for NOW magazine, or even the occasional DJing spot, Sasha is everywhere.

Healing, Harmony and Hilarity in Sex Work: Susan Davis

“Sex is where we all come from and an integral part of every human being's health and happiness,” believes Susan Davis, Vancouver sex worker and activist. “I am a very giving person and am always moved by the impact physical touch and intimacy has on the men, women and couples who visit me.”
As a dynamo activist by day and active worker by night (or maybe those are reversed?), Susan Davis is giving back to her communities in both of these ways. She is currently involved with many organizations and committees, including: