Featured Personality

Raw, Positive, Love: Mina Gorey

“Sex permeates everything...it's a driving force for so many of us,” muses Montreal-based porn star and blogger, Mina Gorey, “not just for obvious reasons but more deeply and psychologically. That fascinates me: its uses, form and function has always fascinated me—as an artistic medium, as an escape, as a form of communication, as a lever to move the world. It can be a warm balm at the end of a hard day, it can be reduced to a quick meal at a fast food joint.

Taking the Outlaw out of Sex: Paddy Jane

“Everything begins in my heart,” reveals Paddy Jane, Toronto photographer and host of Sex, Outlaws & Rock n’ Roll. “What I show you—whether I’m performer and you’re the audience, I’m teacher and you’re the student, I’m storyteller and you’re the listener, I’m lover and you’re my sexy fiery love—is directly inspired by how I feel about you in that moment. I can be everything from silly and playful to educational, dominant to cheek-blushing shy. When you’re human, you can be everything. Boxes are for packing, not people.”

Evolving Cam Girl: Melody Heart

“My biggest inspiration has always been Jenna Jameson, even before my emergence into the adult industry when I was still studying law,” reveals new cam girl and blogger Melody Heart. “In the 15 years of her adult career she has created an empire from scratch… that has to be motivation for any female regardless of the industry she pursues!”

Fetish Photos for All: Wil Boucher

“It's like the air I breathe,” muses Wil Boucher when considering sex. “Really; how can what could be the most pleasurable experience humans can enjoy not be an inspiration? It's the most energizing, motivating and experience-expanding thing that our lizard brains can come up with! It literally is life itself.”

Art, Sex, Passion: Caro Chabot

“Everything is about energy with me,” reveals Hamilton-based artist Caro Chabot. “I see life as a series of mutual agreements to exchange energies with others within a level that is comfortable for us. Sex inspires me to create more fun and light hearted paintings that will challenge the viewer to see their own views on sexuality from a different perspective.”

Sex, Relationships and Radio: Matt Scott

“It's not just sex that inspires me,” muses Matt Scott. “It's also relationships and how sex can affect them in various ways.”

Blowing Everyone Away: Camille Crimson

“I just think that really wonderful and sensual sex is really beautiful,” reveals porn model Camille Crimson. “In receiving such intense pleasure, it pushes us to become better lovers and more in tune with our partners to be able to give pleasure in return. The capacity for connection and intuitive exploration is incredible.”

Making the Rules: Bella Bellini

“Sex inspires me because it constantly surprises me, both in my personal and professional life,” reveals Professional Dominatrix Bella Bellini. “Learning more about your own sexuality or someone else's is like taking a Rorschach test. Growing into your sexuality helps you learn more about all parts of your life. You bring your family history, childhood experiences, that first sexual encounter, and the judgment of society with you when you have sex.

Carpe Diem Approach to Sex Education: Lady Viktoria

“At this stage in the game, being a mature 40-something confident, empowered and linear thinking woman of the 21st century,” reveals Viktoria Kalenteris, also known as Lady Viktoria, “I would say that sex does not inhibit my work/projects but actually enhances my energy level and inspires the passion of life of which I put forth into all aspects of my work and play time.”

Open and Connected: Samantha Fraser

“Sex is in almost my every thought. I'm all about pushing people to be their most honest and open selves and a healthy relationship with sex and sexuality is, I think, a big part of that,” espouses Toronto’s Samantha Fraser. “Even if people choose to not have sex, it's key to connect with themselves to discover that. Watching people go through this process as well as going through it myself is inspiring every day.”