Featured Personality

Diving Right In: Simone K.

“When I decided to start a blog, I knew that I wanted to have a specific focus, reveals Simone K., author of Skinny Dip. “I don't really cook that much and hate getting dressed in the morning so, I knew fashion and food blogging were out. People have always told me I have really good stories when it comes to sex & dating...I started the blog as way of cataloging and sorting through some of the experiences in my 20's (and now, 30's).

Breaking Down Sex Work Stereotypes: April Fine

“Well I got into the massage industry like a lot of girls, to help pay for school,” reveals Toronto-area escort April Fine. “There was a girl in the building I was living in at the time that I made friends with and she was in the industry so I went with her to try it out. I'll never forget my first call. I was so naïve. I got to the guy’s home and we chatted a little then he started leading me to the bedroom. Then he tried to start taking off my clothing and kissing me.

Genesis of Play: Loverboy

“Sex is one of the ways I express my creativity,” explains Loverboy, creator of Toronto’s hottest new BDSM play party Genesis. “When I'm expressing my sexuality, I feel liberated as I am experiencing some of the most carnal instinctive urges I've ever known.”

Icon of Desire: Keela Watts

“I see sexual energy as an enormous, powerful resource that can be drawn upon to feed fantasy or destruction, to enlighten, manipulate or create,” reveals Toronto burlesque singer and performer extraordinaire Keela Watts. “It’s in my dreams, influences my actions and moods, and I am fascinated by how some people are subtly sexy while others are blunt and in your face with it. Sometimes I transform sex energy in outlets that aren’t necessarily sexual: acting, dancing, sports and even meditation and yoga.

Sex is Her Niche: Danielle Stein

“Sex is everything, happily admits Danielle Stein, Volunteer Outreach Worker at AIDS Committee of York Region (ACYR). “I think sex, I talk sex, (apparently) I emanate sexuality, I just can't get enough of it. To me, sex is an expression of self more than just an act. It makes up who I am, how I act, how I feel and gives me my ‘get up and go’ energy. The pursuit of sexual knowledge makes up the majority of my day and I feel as though I can never be filled. The more I learn the more I want to know.”

Fantasies of the Writer: Jennifer Labelle

“I write what I like to read, and thought it would be a ton of fun to create an erotic read/experience for someone else,” muses Ottawa-based erotic romance writer Jennifer Labelle. “I say experience because most often when one reads it’s an escape from everyday life, and into the fantasy the writer has created for a brief moment.”

The Pleasure of Escape: Max Cita

 “Certainly, the driving force behind all my escape challenges is the erotic,” reveals escape artist Max Cita. “The tactile sensation of the restraints was the starting point, but in more intense challenges loss of sight and hearing heightened the sensual to erotic overload. So to say the longer the restraint the more erotic the experience.”

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Monica Hamburg

It used to be that when the ink hit the paper, a thought was forever marked in history. Now, any little scribbling can be posted online in less time that it would take ink to dry. So if you are planning to possibly spill some virtual ink on the Internet you’re going to come headlong against a necessary question: Should I publish this? And if your thoughts are of a sexual nature, you really should think long and hard about this dilemma.

Moving From His Crotch to His Heart: Maximilian Lagos

“Sex, sexuality and sensuality rules my life,” reveals Maximilian Lagos. “Almost everything I do is related to sex or relationships. It's gotten so bad that I can't walk though hardware stores, surplus stores or other weird places and not try and turn every item into a pervertable...the owier, the better.”

Inspiration Out of Challenges: Mercedes Allen

“Anything connected with sexuality still has the unfortunate affect of automatically discrediting a person in many public venues and occupations,” laments activist and blogger Mercedes Allen. “The reason you always hear about it when a politician, teacher, and such is "openly gay," for example, is that after all these years it's still considered rare and risky to include someone who's seen outside the bounds of heteronormativity in positions of authority, instruction or places where they might become role models. So openly trans is that much further off the map.