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Why I Became A Rape Counsellor

 I woke up one day and was terrified – I totally hated my job. Unstimulated, frustrated and bored out of my skull, I decided I needed a change. A big one. So I quit and decided to throw myself into something that I knew I was passionate about – rape counseling.

I had no experience - save for a couple of gender studies classes where the work was entirely theoretical anyways – and jumped in head first. I contacted a local rape crisis centre where they needed volunteers for their 24-hour crisis line and signed myself up for training.

Writer, Porn Star, Honey Badger: Jeremy Feist

"I wouldn't say there's on general inspiration I receive from sex, mostly because there's different kinds of sex and each kind means something different to me," muses Toronto's Jeremy Feist. "Artistically, I think kinkier sex does provide me with a little more to work with, just because it's a more animalistic, feral sort of passion to it. Romantic sex can be good for inspiration, but generally speaking I get a little less mileage out of it, just because I don't put that side of me out there as often."

The Design of Sex: Joey Wargachuk

"I think that my sexual persona has fully intergrated into my life as a whole," reveals graphic designer Joey Wargachuk. "Mostly because working from home gives me the joy of not having to compartmentalize personas, but actually allow them to grow and flourish out in the open. It’s very freeing and empowering to have aspects of yourself and sexuality on 24 hours a day. I feel like it actually keeps me more grounded as person not having to hold back aspects."

Shifting Sex Research: Lauren Albrecht

"Sex is inspiring because it is one of the few commonalities we all share," reveals academic and blogger Lauren Albrecht. "In a complex world, sex brings people together—both literally and figuratively! Whether you are sexually active or not, sex is forever a hot topic, there is always more to learn, and I absolutely love that there is no one way to do it ‘right’."

Future Auto-Fellating King of Burlesque: Peter Paranoia

“Sex is hardwired deep into every one of the crevasses of my filthy little monkey brain,” reveals Halifax boylesque sensation Peter Paranoia, aka Peter Nolan-Smith. “It's a driving force for me creatively. Simply, as a human being, the urge to get down with our bad selves is such a large part of who we are. As an adult performer it's everything! The attitude that I take on stage is the same one that I walk into the bedroom with.”

The Joy of Obsession: Mistress Emma

“Sex is a dichotomy of good and evil,” muses Newfoundland’s Mistress Emma. “It's the ultimate antagonist that keeps us guessing as to whether it's the evil villian or the hero. Sex is treated like it should be a dirty, vulgar, naughty secret that happens only behind closed doors. Sexual assault is as prevalent as ever.. Erectile dysfunction causes pervasive self esteem issues. With all of the bad, it still manages to be something we long for, it sells, we drown in it, and it can be our only salvation at a time where it's needed.

This Girl is Wild: Shannon T. Boodram

“With my book LAID, I always say that sex is the one thing you should never have to do,” reveals Toronto’s Shannon T. Boodram. “It is the one thing (unless it is your profession) that should be controlled by desire, not obligation. So for this reason I don't see a good reason for it to impinge on your happiness or priorities, if anything it should add to these things, making you feel better, and thus, more inspired and inclined to do your work well.”

Rabble-rousing for All to Read: Andrea Houston

“A journalist never reveals her secrets,” teases Toronto’s Andrea Houston. “I will say that my beats consist of Pride and gay-straight alliances (GSAs), but I have several stories on the go covering a gamut of sexual politics, censorship, Toronto’s municipal government and trans rights. Also, let’s not forget a provincial election is right around the corner.”

Rogue Words: Devyn Christopher

“For me personally, sex and my own adoration, envy, and love of women gives me the height of joy in this otherwise overcomplicated, overcaffeinated, overestranged world that we struggle to live in,” reveals Devyn Christoper, aka Rogue. “The sight, the scent, the smile, the opinionated and potent voice of women stimulate and energize me. To me, every woman is a daughter of Aphrodite, a living incarnation of the promise of life and potent happiness.

Words to Consider: Lady Joan

“I have a high sex drive, but I am in control and even when I get aroused I know there is a time and place,” reveals the fabulous host of Ask Lady Joan. “I am good at multi tasking, so even if I may be thinking about my next orgasm, I anticipate it and carry on with the task at hand.”