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Submit content to our National and Featured City Sexlife Journals and our local Featured Personalities.

Sexlife Journal (Canada wide or local to one of the six Featured Cities)
Reporting or opinion pieces: 400-800 words
Featured articles: 500-1200 words

Subject areas:
sex community: events, trends, organizations news,
sex personalities: people doing interesting things around sex
sexual controversies: legal, government, corporate, religious
sexual science: studies about sexuality
sex business: media, retail, entertainment, medicine, education

Featured Personality Profiles
These are profiles of a local sex positive personality or business. Profiles should include an in-person, phone or email interview with the subject. Questions and story should focus on what the subject’s current mission and projects are and their motivations for that project.
Length: 800-1500 words

Write the articles either on spec or pre-approved; no other commitments. Instructions on how to submit content can be found in our How To

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