August 2013

"Hookup culture" is overestimated among American college students

American college students are having less sex than you’d expect, according to a study conducted by Martin Monto, a sociology professor at the University of Portland. Examining the sexual behaviour of young people from 1988 to 1996, compared to that of young people from 2002 and 2010, Monto and co-author Anna Carey found that young, educated people are having sex less often and with fewer partners now. They also found that attitudes around premarital, extramarital, and teen sex have not relaxed, but attitudes toward same-sex activity has.

Interviewer surprises Kelowna mayor with boobs

B.C. newspaper columnists, radio host at On The Rocks, and general badass Lori Welbourne got topless mid-interview with Kelowna’s mayor Walter Gray as she asked about the city’s bylaws on exposed breasts. An apparently uncomfortable Gray explained that while it was legal for women to be topless, he was not suggesting it lest they distract anyone with their… obnoxious nipples, I guess.

Welbourne finished by telling the mayor that she found his earlobes distracting.

HPV-related cancers on the rise

Remember Michael Douglas suggesting he got throat cancer from all the pussy he ate? Right or wrong, he was on to something! Health professionals are now saying that throat cancers related to the Human Papilloma Virus are on the rise in Canada, and are encouraging a more widespread use of the vaccine.

Vancouver stages kiss-in outside Russian consulate

Approximately 50 protesters gathered outside the Russian consulate building in downtown Vancouver to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws. Couples and friends of the same sex kissed in front of the consulate building in solidarity with Russia’s LGBTQ+ population.

Smokin' Hot Firemen

You may understand at this point that I am not one to be enticed by an erotica anthology with a cover featuring a fireman gently petting a kitten – a (possibly stuffed) kitten which gazes off into the distance with the deadened stare of a war veteran whose seen too much, who can’t lick its paws clean of the things its done. I’m not exaggerating, look at this cat.

And in case you didn’t get it, he’s stroking a pussy. That cat is a metaphor for your vagina. Excellent. Thank you, Cleis Press.