January 2013

Sundance gets sexy

The annual independent film festival in Utah was extra steamy this year, with documentaries, biopics and dramas about everything from kink to pornstars to sexual discovery.

“I was surprised how many submissions there were involving sex this year,” said chief festival programmer for Sundance, John Cooper. “And they're not necessarily explorations of relationships either.”


U of T student organisation hosts sex club

So over study groups, University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre was hosting a different kind of club for sexual awareness week. The student non-profit group charged U of T students $5 (rather than the regular $20) for admission to the multi-story sex club Oasis Aqualounge, and saw the 189-person building reach capacity by evening.

With the rules no harassment, no pictures, and ask only once and an age limit of 19-35, attendees were provided with a safe space to have sex, enjoy the sauna, or just grab a drink and peruse the toys.

Canada Post mails out nudes by mistake

An advertisement featuring porn star Bree Olson, fully nude, slipped through Canada Post’s screening process and made it into the mailboxes of some Halifax residents. While most of the pamphlets were caught before being delivered, Canada Post does not know exactly how many were accidentally delivered.

"If anyone is looking to send anything of an explicit or sexual nature, it should be in an opaque envelope and should be labelled 'Contains adult materials,'" said spokesman Jon Hamilton.

CBS moves to change blood ban

Looks like all that talk came to something!

Canadian Blood Services has submitted to Health Canada a policy change that would replace the lifetime ban on men who have sex with men (MSM) to a 5-year deferral, meaning men who haven’t slept with another man in 5 years would be eligible to donate.

Researchers fail to find men who haven't seen porn

University of Montreal professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse says research into the effects of pornography on males had to be scrapped when researchers couldn’t find any men in their 20s who had not consumed porn.

Research did find that on average, straight men looked at porn for the first time at 10 years old. Thank you, late-night Showcase.


Pussy Health: New guidelines suggest paps every 3 years

New guidelines by the Task Force on Preventative Health Care say that 3-year intervals are enough for cervical cancer screenings. While the rates of cervical cancer and related deaths have dropped dramatically over the past few decades as a result of screenings, Canadian doctors are saying that annual testing is unnecessary.

“Every three years gets nearly all of the benefits and reduces the harms. Just because a little bit is good, doesn’t mean a whole lot more is better,” Dr. James Dickinson said.