October 2012

A Domme Goes to College

by Peter Berton

Mistress Katia (mybitchacademy.com) – the Domme formerly known as Mz. Scream – is renowned for her professional skills and disciplinary charms. But what is not widely known about the Mistress is her academic prowess. In a move sure to shake up the BDSM subculture, Mistress Katia has enrolled to as a full-time university student!

SexLifeCanada (SLC) meekly requested an audience with the Mistress, to learn of her plans. She magnanimously agreed to grant an audience:

SLC: Why did you decide to hang up your riding crop?

World’s first female “Viagra” to be tested

Clinical trials for a new, female sex-drive drug, Tefina, will be undergone in Australia. The drug is a nasally-administered testosterone gel which experts say could relieve sexual dysfunction in 1 in 3 women.

Researchers are looking for about 100 women between the ages of 18 to 49, including those in Canada and the U.S. to participate in the trial.


AIDS Council PSA compares sex to Foursquare

A new ad by the AIDS Council uses Foursquare “check-ins” to illustrate the ol’ “You’re sleeping with everyone they’ve ever slept with” argument. The PSA shows a straight couple initiating sex when up pops an icon above the man’s crotch saying “Cathy Mills and 34 others were here.”

The video is intended to advocate safer sex, but unfortunately comes with a side of slut-shaming implying promiscuity is a symptom of STDs.


An Insightful Talk with TS Shyla Wild

 An Insightful Conversation with TS Shyla Wild
by Peter Berton

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Pre- and non-op transgender people eligible to change birth certificate in Ontario

Thanks to a ruling in April by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, trangender people in Ontario can now change the sex on their birth certificate without having sex-reassignment surgery. They will still need to submit a letter from a physican or psychiatrist.

The ruling found requirement of proof of “transsexual surgery” to be discriminatory and reinforced stereotypes about how trans* folks experience gender.


Supreme Court updates HIV disclosure ruling

The Supreme Court of Canada has clarified a ruling from 1998 which made it possible for any HIV carrier who did not disclose their status to partners to be charged with aggravated sexual assault. The court ruled Friday that people with a low viral load using a condom do not need to disclose their status, as the "realistic possibility of transmission of HIV is negated."