September 2012

Toronto District School Board pulls links to "offensive" teen sexuality website

Links to a sexuality website directed at teens and run by The Coalition for Positive Sexuality, a not-for-profit activist organization, have been removed from the Toronto District School Board’s website after sparking controversy. The link was added three years ago, according to TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird, in which time he claimed the content of the page had changed.

Vancouver sex workers to challenge country's prostituion laws

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Vanouver’s Downtown East Side non-profit group, Sex Workers United Against Violence Society, has standing in their challenge to the country’s anti-prostitution laws.

Jailed sex workers of yore featured in new exhibit at the University of Alberta

“I found these fashionista madams and these really defiant women who were confronting the police cameras in this really spectacular way,” says Dr. Laurie Bertram, curator of the University of Alberta’s new exhibit, Pioneer Ladies of the Evening.

The exhibit features mug shots of women working in the sex trade between 1878 and 1916 who were arrested for various “crimes”, from shooting porn that was distributed to First World War soldiers to shooting an RCMP officer who tried to break into a brothel.

TS Kylie Storm: A Pleasure to Obey

 TS Kylie Storm: A Pleasure to Obey
by Peter Berton

Toronto’s Kylie Storm may be a beautiful tgirl escort, but make no mistake: No matter how elegantly she is attired, this shemale likes to be in charge!

“I enjoy playing a dominant role, and I prefer being in the top position,” Kylie writes on her web site, www.kyliestorm. “Always playful, I have a sweet, seductive side.” (This saide has also led Kylie into acting and music videos; as well as escort work.)

Downtown "parlours" rub massage therapists the wrong way

George Fraser, executive director of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba, is pushing for the city to replace the term “massage parlours” being used to license sex services offered in the downtown core with “adult entertainment centres” or “rub parlours.” His concern is that customers will get the impression that those offering sexual services are medical professionals, and that those who then decide seek the holistic medicine license being considered by the city will slow down the process for massage therapist already applying.

Why is it always Toronto? Mayor's niece slut-shames on Twitter

If you haven’t heard yet, Krista Ford, niece of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, is receiving some well-deserved criticism after spewing some slut-shaming nonsense on twitter. The tweet, which read “Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore. #DontBeAVictim #StreetSmart,” has since been deleted and Krista Ford has issued a fairly transparent apology about her views not necessarily representing those of her uncle.

Tia Phoenixx: Exotic, Enticing, and ‘Au Naturel’ Tgirl Escort

 Tia Phoenixx: Exotic, Enticing, and ‘Au Naturel’ Tgirl Escort
by Peter Berton

It is fair to say that Tia Phoenixx is one of the world’s more successful t-girl escorts. Her website at lists her regular global travels, in service of her many clients. Given how many glowing reviews are posted on Tia’s website, these clients are satisfied; to say the least.

SocialShopper censors sex seminar

John Ince, co-owner of Vancouver boutique, The Art of Loving, says the daily deal site SocialShopper refuses to advertise an educational seminar on oral sex offered by the store because of the “sensitivity” of the subject.

SocialShopper approached the store and the two businesses entered into a contract, which founder and CEO, Ehsan Baloochy, later “unilaterally” terminated despite Ince’s offer to change the name of the seminar to something even tamer than “Giving Good Head”.

Italian court rules phone sex is not prostitution

A man in Italy was charged with prostitution for paying a woman to provide phone sex to one of his business clients. Supreme Court judges ruled against the lower court as phone sex is not prostitution.

“Verbally servicing an interlocutor for the purpose of sexual excitement does not constitute a sexual service, if it does not involve the bodily erogenous zones of the person who is getting paid for such a service," Italy’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday.