August 2012

Togo civil rights group calling for sex strike

Women in Togo are being urged by a civil rights group to withhold sex from their partners for 7 days in order to put pressure on the country’s men to take action against President Faure Gnassingbe. Isabelle Ameganvi, leader of the group Let’s Save Togo, says they are following an example set by Liberia in 2003, when women campaigned for peace with a sex strike.


Syphilis among US Porn performers reflects rising STI cases

Los Angeles porn performer Mr. Marcus has admitted to altering his STI test results to hide Syphilis-positive results, claiming his doctor had assured him it would not be contagious 10 days after treatment. Other performers in the Los Angeles porn community have recently tested positive for syphilis, unsurprising given the rise in cases worldwide.

We-Vibe's success thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, no thanks to imposters

Standard Innovation Corp., Ottawa makers of the best-selling We-Vibe, plan to double the size of their research and development team as sales are projected to reach $40 million this year. Chief executive Danny Osadca credits the book Fifty Shades of Grey in part for the newfound societal openness around sexuality that has fueled the sex toy’s success.

“This Fifty Shades of Grey is creating an environment where it’s OK to talk about it,” said Osadca. “All of a sudden its OK for people to talk about sexual health. Drugstores are carrying our product.”

Picasso nude restored at Edinburgh Airport after absurd scandal

A poster of Picasso’s "Nude Woman in a Red Armchair" advertising the "Picasso & Modern British Art" exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art was restored at Edinburgh Airport last week after an excellent tongue-lashing from John Leighton, logical person and director-general of the National Galleries of Scotland. Apparently naked breasts are so sexual, so naughty, so offensive, that even their abstracted form painted by a famous artist, still ruffled enough feathers amongst passengers to be removed and a less “scandalous” poster requested by the airline.

The Harmony double dil

The Harmony is a fantastic and innovative double dildo made by our friends at Fuze.The long dildo part is sleek, black 100% silicone surface has light ridges and a slight upwards curve and is great for men or women. It’s shaped just like one of their original model called the Delight. It is 1 1/4" X 8" total length. Now, here’s why this toy is different from other double dills:

Psychologists suggests blowjobs for morning sickness

You’ve probably heard the cure for a sore throat is to suck on something hard but Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, suggests a somewhat similar treatment for morning sickness. Gallup claims that morning sickness is caused by a pregnant person’s rejection of the semen in their body and that the best cure is to ingest semen to “build a tolerance”.

It has not been reported whether or not Gallup has a pregnant wife at home.


New study to explore effects of discrimination on bisexuals

A new study close to my heart has been launched by the Re:searching for LGBTQ Health team in conjunction with the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The Risk and Resilience study aims to investigate how prevalent mental health issues are for bisexuals, what support programs are available to them, and what kind of discrimination they experience.

Studies disprove "no sex before sport" myth

The athletes in London now have some assurance that they can get it on before their sports without blowing their chances at a medal. A new study published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine indicates that "having sex has not been found to reduce physical strength, power or endurance". Three studies were done to test the theory that sex inhibits performance, but all proved that it had no impact.