April 2012

Fake sex pills siezed by RCMP

RCMP seized thousands of counterfeit Viagra and Levitra pills, used to treat erectile disfunction, being shipped into Canada. While the pills and packaging look convincingly like the real deal, police said that the pills contained varying degrees of the active ingredient and buyers could have been ingesting anywhere between 0 to 4 times the expected dose.

Cpl. John Montgomery of the RCMP Federal Enforcement Section warned that counterfeits like these often have non-medicinal fillers such as talcum powder or crushed wall board and are covered in blue paint.

National Defense considers cutting free sex-reassignment surgery and Viagra for troops

Programs that offer free Viagra and partially-funded sex-reassignment surgery for members of the military is up for elimination for the second time in the last two years. The programs, worth over $2 million a year, are up for review as part of as part of the $1.5 billion in defense cuts mandated over 3 years.

Veterans seeking Viagra will not be affected by the cuts, according to a spokeswoman for Veterans Affairs


Oshawa's LGBTQ community rallies over inflamatory news story

Over 300 rainbow-clad LGBTQ members and allies rallied in Oshawa on April 18th after a local newspaper published a homophobic rant about Councilor Amy England’s participation in a PFLAG fundraiser. The newspaper, Oshawa/Durham Central, printed a story that referred to the fundraiser as a “freakshow” and compared England’s drag performance to blackface. In response, members of PFLAG also created a website calling on advertisers with Oshawa/Durham Central to end their business with the paper.

New Survey Shows Seniors' Love Lives Going Strong

A recent survey from Revera Inc, one of Canada’s largest providers of care and services for seniors, shows that the rates of romantic partnership among seniors aged 75 and over is just as high as that in the 18-30 group surveyed. According to the Revera Report on Romance, “[…]seven-in-ten Canadian seniors say love and romance remains an important aspect of their lives and 88 per cent agree that companionship is something they couldn’t do without.”

Georgiana Sweet: A Distinctly Classy, Erudite and Elegant Escort

 Ottawa’s Georgiana Sweet can be accurately described as a sex worker. But then again, a Ferrari can be correctly described as a car.

Makers of We Vibe file patent claim

Standard Innovation Corporation, manufacturer of the We Vibe line of products, is seeking relief and compensation from LELOi AB, LELO Inc., LELO Shanghai Trading, Ltd, and their distributors for infringement on its Canadian patents and industrial design registration. The company filed a similar lawsuit in U.S. District Court and stated in a release that the launch of similar products by LELO prompted the action to enforce its intellectual property rights.


No sexual health clinics for Islanders

Unlike most provinces which have non-profit and/or government funded sexual health centers, residents of P.E.I. have to go to their family doctor or a walk-in clinic with concerns about their sexual and reproductive health. The population of Canada’s smallest province makes funding a clinic hard to justify, according to P.E.I. Chief Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison.

Although Morrison insists that islanders have very good access to clinics and doctors, AIDS PEI outreach coordinator, Alana Leard, said she often gets calls from residents hesitant to get help.

Miss Universe Canada and Transphobia

Miss Universe Canada finalist, Jenna Talackova, was recently disqualified from the pageant for being male-assigned at birth or, according to the pageant website, failing to  "meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form". Talackova says she knew she was female since the age of 4 and started hormone treatment at 14. She considers her disqualification a human rights issue, and rightly so.