March 2012

Ontario to Start Treating Sex Workers Like Human Beings

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently ruled that banning brothels was unconstitutional as it puts sex workers at risk. The Court also found the law against “living on the avails” of prostitution to be unconstitutional but instead amended it only to apply to exploitation cases.

Unfortunately, one provision was left in tact: public communication for the purpose of prostitution will remain illegal.


New guildelines for VPD regarding enforcement against sex workers

After concerns about sex workers not wanting to report rape were raised by the Missing Women inquiry, Vancouver police will finally consider new guidelines concerning enforcement against sex workers. The new enforcement strategy, called ICEE for “investigate, communicate, educate, enforcement and exit,” stressed enforcement as a last resort, treating sex workers with dignity, and assisting with exit strategies where appropriate.

Health Canada Warns Public About Potentially Dangerous Sex Drugs

Health Canada has issued a warning about two potentially dangerous drugs being sold at The Love Shop outlets in Ontario. Stiff4Ever and PurePillz are unauthorized drugs with unsafe health implications, including increased body temperature, increased blood pressure and heart rate, as well as abnormal heart rhythm, nausea, vomiting and kidney damage, Health Canada said.

No adverse reactions to the drugs have been reported, but Health Canada is urging Canadians who have purchased the products to consult a healthcare practitioner regarding any concerns.

Health Officials Fear Syphilis Outbreak in New Brunswick Could Worsen

In the past ten years, the number of syphilis cases in New Brunswick has risen tenfold, and the outbreak could get worse, a provincial health official warns.

The province recorded an average of one case per year from 1993 to 2007, but in 2010 that number reached 37. So far this year, 10 cases have been recorded, according to New Brunswick's deputy chief medical officer of health.