January 2012

Nina Arsenault: Transcending the Transsexual Identity

 Nina Arsenault: Transcending the Transsexual Identity
by Peter Berton

To describe Toronto’s Nina Arsenault as a ‘transsexual artist’ is akin to calling Chateau Lafite Rothschild a ‘Bordeaux wine’. Although both descriptions are technically accurate, they are woefully inadequate understatements.

In Nina’s case, she has taken her male-to-female transition as the starting point of an multidisciplinary artistic career that has won her iconic status. In doing so, she has transcended that transition to learn far more about herself and the world than she expected.

PEI Encouraged to Follow Safer Sex Practices

Prince Edward Island's chief public health officer says islanders should take precautions as a result of the rise in cases of sexually transmitted infections. Compared to the past 20 years, cases of gonorrhea have increased significantly, showing 15 lab-confirmed cases in the last 12 months in PEI.

"Over the past few years, Canada has seen an increase in the number of confirmed cases of sexually transmitted infections and Prince Edward Island is no exception," said Morrison.

Astrid Grey: Ottawa’s ‘Vintagely Curvaceous’ Companion

 Astrid Grey: Ottawa’s ‘Vintagely Curvaceous’ Companion
by Peter Berton

I met Astrid Grey during the recent CERB (Canadian Escort Recommendation Board) Christmas Social in Ottawa. Astrid is a tall, striking and well-blessed woman, but what will really catch your attention is the quality of her mind. She is smart, witty, and – as she likes to described herself – “impish”.

So intrigued was I by Astrid that I asked to her to take part in a Sex Life Canada one-to-one interview. She graciously complied!

Sex Life Canada: Please tell us about yourself.

Sex Workers Take Case to Supreme Court

The federal government has challenged a case brought before the Supreme Court of Canada by Vancouver representatives Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence (SWUAV), arguing that they do not meet the legal requirements for public interest standing. Because the plaintiff, Sheryl Kiselbach, is not being charged with any of the offenses in question and is no longer pursuing sex work, it can be argued that her rights are not being deprived.

Make a copy of your favorite vagina!

New Book: Manuela's Manual: An illustrated instruction manual explaining in detail how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.
by Manuela Lollenbeck

Discover the joy of genital casting. This book demonstrates how to make a plaster sculpture of a vulva. That's right. In a few steps you can make a highly realistic and durable representation of your favorite vagina.

First Same-Sex Marriage for Conservative Synagogue

On Jan 21, Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in Winnipeg will become the first conservative synagogue in Canada to sanction a same-sex marriage under its roof.

The synagogue started reaching out to Winnipeg’s LGBTQ community in 2007, announcing a three year process of lifting barriers between gender and sexual minorities and synagogue participation.

Same-sex couples would be allowed to be buried beside each other, be eligible for family memberships at the synagogue, and to hold commitment ceremonies and eventually marriages.

Foreign Same-Sex Marriages Valid

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says the government will fix the “legislative gap” that called marriages performed in Canada between same-sex nonresidents into question. Questions around the validity of marriages among same-sex people who traveled to Canada because they could not wed in their home countries arose when a foreign lesbian couple sought a divorce, only to be told they were never really married.

A Look Inside a TGirl's World, Courtesy of TS Sunshine's Blog

 A Look Into the Tgirl World, Courtesy of TS Sunshine’s Blog
by Peter Berton

Sex news, wit, and advice for first-time tgirl lovers: You’ll find it all in TS Sunshine’s blog. Found on this Calgary tgirl escort’s website at blog.ts-sunshine.ca, Sunshine’s blog is thought-provoking, fun, and erotic.

SexLifeCanada.ca recently asked Sunshine why she got into the blog business – and why the website that accompanies it is so classy:

G-Twist G3

I’ve talked to quite a few people who loved this vibrator and, while I can see the appeal, it doesn’t rank among my favorites.

That’s not to say the G-Twist by Fun Factory isn’t good. It’s 100% Silicone, so it’s easy to clean. The controls are improved, I’m not fumbling with it to change the speed, but it also doesn’t turn on if I accidentally bump my nightstand the way the previous G2 series would. And it’s relatively quiet for such a powerful vibe.