December 2011

DJ Gives Up Sex for A Year

Someone to keep in mind when your New Years resolution starts to feel too hard to keep: the Winnipeg radio DJ who went an entire year without sex.

Marcel ‘No Sex’ Williams of the hip hop station 104.7 Streetz FM resolved to give up sex last New Years as a publicity stunt but plans to carry it into 2012. Williams says the experience helped him to understand “the value of saving yourself for somebody else” and has started speaking to youth about abstinence.

As for me, I think I’d rather quit smoking.

Kevin Dong, Homegrown T-Girl Photographer

 The Hard Life of Kevin Dong
by Peter Berton

Pity poor Kevin Dong. As a staff photographer for, Kevin spends his days taking photographs of the world’s most beautiful t-girls. (He speaks about his hard life at his site,

Now that we think of it, don’t feel sorry for Kevin Dong. He’s doing exactly what he wants and getting paid for it! Here’s what his life is like:

SexLifeCanada (SLC): Please tell us about yourself:

HIV Nondisclosure Shouldn't Mean Jail Time: doctor

Canadians who fail to disclose their HIV-positive status to sexual partners shouldn’t face jail time, according to Dr. Julio Montaner, director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. Montaner says that new drug cocktails have reduced the viral load for people with the virus to undetectable and reported in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal that a randomized trial saw a 96 percent decrease in transmission risk.

The GFE Explained!

 Finally, The GFE Explained
by Peter Berton

What the heck is the ‘GFE’? Why do so many sex workers offer it – and why do their customers ask for it?

To find out, we convened a panel of three respected, knowledgeable and erudite sex workers. They are Carrie Moon, Emma Alexandra Page, and Nikki Thomas (who is also Executive Director of Sex Professionals of Canada). They were more than happy to tell us about the GFE – and why it appeals to clients and sex workers alike.

Sex Life Canada (SLC): What is the GFE?

Polyamory and the recent court decision

Open letter to the Canadian Polyamory Community
From the CPAA representative at the Constitutional Reference court case

Hello everyone:

It has been two weeks since the Polygamy Reference court decision was released by Chief Justice Baumann of the BC Supreme Court. I have thought a great deal about the case since then, and communicated with lawyers and people in our legal team about how that decision affects the members of the Canadian polyamory community.

A Gentleman's Eye-View of Escorts

The myths attached to sex worker clients are probably only second to those assigned to sex workers themselves.

So what kind of person pays for sex? We decided to find out, courtesy of a recommendation from a respected Canadian sex worker.

The client in question called himself ‘Notorious Gentleman’. Contrary to the popular stereotype, Notorious Gentleman is anything but a drooling sex-crazed maniac with no regard for the women whose services he hires. (This is why he was recommended to us.)

Plaything: Fuzuoko 9000

I cannot say enough good things about this mini vibe.

It was one of my first and I have repurchased it twice. It is my favourite for so many reasons.

First, it is one of the most versatile toys I have ever owned. I have used it alone, during oral, and during penetrative sex.

Second, I love that it attaches to your finger, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip on it during playtime.

Herbal Sex Aids Banned

Health Canada has banned Chong Cao She Bian Zhuang Yang Dan, an herbal remedy for impotence, as well as Yanshiwang and Jin Kong Fu, general herbal sex aids. The products have been ordered of the shelves in stores in Richmond and Burnaby, B.C. after they were tested and found to contain undeclared prescription medication.

"We would like to remind Canadians that prescription medication should only be used under the supervision of a health care practitioner,” says Health Canada.