November 2011

Court rules polyamorist relationships are lawful

 The BC Supreme Court issued a ruling today that affects the sex-positive community in Canada. The court held that the vaguely worded 120 year old law prohibiting polygamous marriage, and originally aimed at patriarchal religious sects like those at Bountiful BC, does not apply to cohabiting polyamorous families in common law relationships.

This is a big relief to the polyamorous community in Canada. Prior to the court case the poorly worded law could have been interpreted as prohibiting any family with more than two adults.

In Memory of Trans Lives Lost

More than 175 people attended the demonstration at The Carnegie Community Center in Vancouver, B.C., one of 13 gatherings around Canada in honour of Transgender Day of Rememberance. Survivors, activists, and allies gathered on Novemer 20th to mourn the hundreds of trans* people who are killed in the world each year. Gatherings also took place in the USA, Hong Kong, India, France, the UK, and The Philippines, among other countries.

My BDSM Journey: the evolution of conclusions

I remember quite vividly the scene that lay before me as I walked into the hotel for my first ever play party in the fall of 2007.

I remember the brightly lit lobby, my heart pounding as my friend and I made our way to the hotel room door and the way my heart seemed to stop as I stood in front of it, listening to muffled yelps and slapping sounds coming from the other side, envisioning the kiss of leather on skin and the writhing bodies underneath.

The Quattro

For someone like me, for whom anal play is still a little intimidating, The Quattro by Fuze Toys is the perfect beginner plug. It’s slim enough to ease my anxiety but the tapered bulbs keep it interesting and allow it to be used as anal beads as well. Plus, the handle at the base will fit a vibrating bullet! How smart is that!?

Vancouver Coastal Health Launches HIV Testing Project

Thanks to a new project from Vancouver Coastal Health, the next time adults in Vancouver or Prince George, B.C. visit a hospital or medical clinic, they will be offered an HIV detection test. The four-year, $48-million “seek and treat” program funded by the provincial government seeks to identify up to 3,500 estimated cases of HIV, the number of adults public health authorities estimate to be unknowingly infected in B.C.

Casual, Committed or Conscious Sex

I am a somatic experiential erotic educator with a busy practice in Vancouver, and from time to time I will contribute articles to Sexlife Canada on topics inspired by my work.

A recent email conversation with a friend of mine got me thinking about the differences between Casual, Conscious and Committed sex and how to get more good sex in general.

My friend is a woman who is beautiful, smart, unattached and very busy as a full time grad student. Here’s what she wrote:

Canadian Blood Services to Review Policy on MSM

A motion was passed in September for the Canadian Blood Services to review their policy which excludes “men who have sex with men” (MSM) from giving blood. The new policy would reduce the lifetime exclusion to between 5 and 10 years, meaning male-bodies people who have had sex with other male-bodied people within the specified time frame will still not be allowed to donate. The CBS plans to have a request to Health Canada for approval of the policy change by March 2012.

Plaything: The Liberator Throe

Liberator has solved an awkard problem with their new 'throes'. The wet spot that usually accompanies good, messy sex. Super soft, we ordered the microfibre one and while it cost the same as our heated blanket did; it's been well worth it.