October 2011

Canada has a sex history

Canada has an interesting sexual history, but one not told much. Until relatively recently. While historians in Canada have long focused on economics, war, Parliament, transportation and so on, the history of sex has been largely overlooked.

The Canadian Historical Association has a special committee examining the subject. It provides an organizational focus within the Canadian historical profession for all those who are researching, writing, teaching, and otherwise interested in the historical study of sexuality.

Military Promotes Safer Sex, Provides Prophylactics for Troops

Canadian Forces have bought nearly 1.5 million condoms, provided free in pharmacies and health clinics within the army bases, for its soldiers in the last five years. In an exclusive interview with the Montreal newspaper La Presse, lieutenant-colonel James Anderson explained that it costs less to provide protection than to treat STIs and to lose soldiers. He added that chlamydia is the most common STI contracted in the military.

Sex Education in Canada

The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) is a national registered charitable organization founded in 1964 to foster professional education and public knowledge about sexuality and sexual health.

It has released its report on Sexual Health Education in Schools. It provides answers to some of the most common questions that parents, educators, program planners, school and health administrators, and concerned citizens may have about sexual health education.

Some conclusions:

Playthings: the small Ripple

A nice trait in an anal toy is a curved tip at the end for ease of entry.

What I really appreciate in my small ripple is that it's two anal toys in one, three if I add vibration to the base!

Gay student bullied; commits suicide

 Canadian schools are being urged to teach acceptance of LGBTQ+ students after 15-year-old Jamie Hubley commited suicide last week after being bullied because he was the only openly gay student at his school.

Hubley’s story made it to parliament when Quebec NDP MP Dany Morin questioned the Conservatives about how they would address harassment and bullying against gay students at a question period in the House of Commons recently. No promises were made on behalf of the government, however.

Plaything: the Layaspot

 The Laya Spot has all the right curves.

Like the partner that fits as a perfect spoon for snuggling, the Laya Spot felt like it was made just for me.

Acquainting with a new toy (like a new lover), can sometimes be uncomfortable and take time.

Sex News In Canada

Insite Case impacts Prostitution Case 

The recent Supreme Court ruling against closing North America’s only safe-injection site could have an implication for a recent challenge to Canada’s prostitution laws. The court stated that to close the Insite clinic in Vancouver, B.C. would violate basic rights to life and security for addicts. The ruling is expected to be cited in many cases to come, including a recent prostitution case that may end up at the Supreme Court.