September 2011

The Design of Sex: Joey Wargachuk

"I think that my sexual persona has fully intergrated into my life as a whole," reveals graphic designer Joey Wargachuk. "Mostly because working from home gives me the joy of not having to compartmentalize personas, but actually allow them to grow and flourish out in the open. It’s very freeing and empowering to have aspects of yourself and sexuality on 24 hours a day. I feel like it actually keeps me more grounded as person not having to hold back aspects."

Writing What She Lives: Eroticist Giselle Renarde

Erotic fiction has a grand tradition dating back centuries. Pretty much as soon as we began to write, humans were writing something dirty. Fastforward to the present and erotica has greatly benefited from the digital age, with ebooks being a huge marketplace for smut scribblers.

OMG That Goes Where?!—a Sex & Kink Blog

 Oh My Gods, That Goes Where?! is a sex blog that reviews sex toys and products and features posts on topics like BDSM and polyamory. As you may guess from the pluralisation in the name, it brings a Wiccan perspective to the table.

Pillow Talk: Lilyanne from Pornographic Love

You can see pretty much everything in the wide world of porn. Every fetish, every position, every body type, every everything. But one thing that is not as common to find when searching the world wide spank bank is love and genuine passion. Pornographic Love, a new website featuring Lilyanne and Max brings together the sensual and sexual side of their relationship by featuring photos and clips of hot and erotic scenes.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: Trinity Romance Shop

The town of Squamish, British Columbia is nestled just 40 minutes north of Vancouver and 40 minutes south of Whistler. Dubbed “the outdoor recreation capital of Canada,” there is every reason to believe that Trinity Romance Shop might make Squamish an indoor recreation capital as well. This women-friendly, sex-positive sex shop has grown and become an integral part of the community.

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada September 10—September 16

Check back here every week for a great selection of sex events from across the country. And remember, post your events in our city sections to let other sexy folks know what you're planning!

The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue teaches: SASS CLASS 101

The Kama Sutra Sessions~ Cultivating the 64 Arts of Love


Prepared for Post Secondary Shenanigans

As summer draws to a close, the annual migration to school starts ago. For some young adults, this means their first year of college or university. As the temperature and leaves begin to drop, so too will the pants of these frosh.

It is a glorious time, that first year on campus. Whether living in residence or in an apartment, this is usually a person’s first time truly away from home. It is the opportunity to spread wings, discover self, learn of the world and potentially get some.

Proving Canadian Women Rock: Andee

What’s a girl-next-door to do? Between having a successful career, a loving relationship, growing family and fun hobbies, what other things might a sexy Canadian lady do to pass the time?

For her many fans, Andee made the right choice and decided to begin a hobby career sexing up the Internet with her wildly successful website. Of course, the main allure is Andee’s refreshing and unique approach to porn, but along with that she adds great little features that give her members a connection beyond just tits and ass.

Erotic Photography: Recipe for Good Composition

Good composition is such a core element to good photography that it can literally make or break a shot. Yet for something so fundamentally important, it can be strangely hard to define. In some ways it is similar to sex: there are lots of ways to make it good, but you definitely know when its bad! However that's not all that helpful when you're trying to answer the question: just what IS good composition?