September 2011

Roaring for Razzle Tassel!

"When we hit the climax of our act at the Vogue for last year's Vancouver International Burlesque Festival," remembers April O'Peel of The Razzle Tassel Tease Show, "the roar from the audience was absolutely life-changing."

Writer, Porn Star, Honey Badger: Jeremy Feist

"I wouldn't say there's on general inspiration I receive from sex, mostly because there's different kinds of sex and each kind means something different to me," muses Toronto's Jeremy Feist. "Artistically, I think kinkier sex does provide me with a little more to work with, just because it's a more animalistic, feral sort of passion to it. Romantic sex can be good for inspiration, but generally speaking I get a little less mileage out of it, just because I don't put that side of me out there as often."

Find Her On The Dial: Dr. Laurie Betito

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world where we are constantly finding newer, quicker ways to convey information, one of the oldest mass communication devices still holds a special place, particularly in the world of sex. While television may be king, with the Internet attempting a coup d'etat, radio has remained a darling. Simply transmitting words and music to eager ears should, by rights, have gone away when these other media formats came along.

Alexandra Sky: Academic, Activist, and Sex Worker

“The traditional feminist assumption that women cannot consent to sex work eliminates a sex worker’s agency,” says Alexandra Sky. “They argue that either you’re deluded by the patriarchy or motivated by ulterior motives in being a sex worker for money. Ironically, I find this traditional feminist argument to be quite paternalistic in nature.”

Pillow Talk: Carlyle Jansen

If you enjoy sex, have a passion for female orgasms, and really dig feminist porn Carlyle Jansen—founder of Good For Her and avid student, consumer, advocate and educator of human sexuality—is definitely someone you should know.
   Sexlife Canada recently had the good fortune of sitting down with Carlyle for a chat about her popular store, society’s shifting attitudes towards women’s sexuality and sex positive culture.

Your Local Neighbourhood Social Club: Club KinQc

Community is an important part of any culture and the world of sex and sensuality is no exception. When Master Severyn moved to Quebec City, he found there was no organized kink he helped start one up! Now the newest edition to Quebec's fetish scene, Club KinQc is a flourishing social club that offers many events and opportunities for the community to meet.
   Sexlife Canada chatted with Master Severyn about how Club KinQc got started and of the great activities that the community can now access.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors—End Up Behind Bars?

What is public and what is private is a long and contentious debate, particularly if you are considering sex. The legalizing of sex clubs and the potential revisions to sex work laws are a couple examples of where sex straddles public and private life. But what of actually having sex in a public space?

Outdoor sexual activity is one of the most common steps away from vanilla that people take. Whether that be a blowjob in a car or a romp in the woods, people have been escaping the confines of the bedroom for some fresh-air fun forever. Does that make it right?

Gentlemen and Ladies Prefer Ava Noir

Sometimes life finds a new direction from the most unexpected of intersections. We never know when we're going to be inspired to try something new. This teaches us to always take heed of what others are hinting or offering.