September 2011

The Swelling Tide of Sex-Positive Culture

Thank you for taking the time to read my work over the past year and a half on Sexlife Canada. It has been a pleasure to not only write so much about sex-positive culture in Canada, but the true joy has been in researching it.

Who knew this is such a wonderfully sexual place?

Stealing Time with Villainy Loveless

Lover, fighter, professional tease? How to argue with some who introduces herself with this description?
Villainy Loveless has been lovin', fightin' and teasin' the Vancouver burlesque scene as a featured performer and booking other great talent.

Sexlife Canada spoke with Villainy about her inspirations, the popularity of burlesque and her chances with my mom (I'd say chances are good).

Performance As Time Machine: Emily Lola Lockheart

She's been given the name "Canada's Sweetheart" and was a core member of one of the most influential burlesque and cabaret theatres in Canada. A regular performer aroun Vancouver for many years, Emily Lola Lockeheart has since relocated to Seattle to pursue a different kind of role: motherhood.

Sexlife Canada spoke with her about her days tearing up the Vancouver performance scene and what she plans for the future.

Rope Bondage as Art: Morpheous Ties Up Nuit Blanche

Art takes to the streets of Toronto on Saturday October 1 with the annual visual explosion that is Nuit Blanche. Various different forms will be seen through the city, but none will be more sexy or challenging than Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza. Bringing the beauty of rope bondage to the wider public for a 5th straight year, Morpheous challenges the idea of art and sexuality with stunning results.

Sexlife Canada spoke with Morpheous about the upcoming event and how people view and receive models tied up.

A Blogger By Any Other Name: Rosa Nomore

It used to be that people would explore their thoughts and desires in journals. These journals would then likely remain under lock and key for as long as the writer chose to keep them. We can only guess how many inspiring thoughts and useful information has been lost through time. Now, blogs have taken over and anyone can share their musings with the world. Sure, blogs can sometimes be tedious and banal, but blogs are also a rich source of new and creative thinking, particularly in sex communities.

Pillow Talk: Erotica Writer Heather McAlendin

Erotic fiction has never been more popular. And that is saying something because as soon as humans could commit words to paper (or walls or slate) they've been writing sexy smut. And with a longstanding artform, there are always ebbs and flows of popularity. Ebooks have brought erotica roaring and panting into vogue as they are now readily distributed to many eager fans.

Your Local Neighbourhood Nutritionist and Chinese Medical Practitioner: Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy

Food plays an, obviously, significant part in all of our lives. We need to eat well to feel well. Athletes need plentiful and nutritious meals to perform at a high level. Students need to ensure they eat well or their marks and attention will drop off. Even regular, every-day folk will suffer from a poor diet, making work, family and social life tiring and difficult.

Naked Toni Reels 'Em In

I can be a bit of a stats nerd and I love tracking the number of hits, pageviews and such for Sexlife Canada. Google Analytics is probably my most frequently visited site, using it to track your reading patterns and what types of sex articles you’re interested in. Then I can seek out people, businesses, groups and sexual interests for future articles on SLC.