August 2011

Your Local Neighbourhood Gay Bar: 302 Lounge

“With our anniversary this month we have had a wonderful first year,” affirms Skipp Anderson of 302 Lounge & Discoteque. “I am truly amazed with how well 302 has been received in Saskatoon. We have had a lot of fun getting to know our community and working towards offering a high-end place for their entertainment needs.”

Close Your Eyes and Let Your Thoughts Wander

Sexual fantasy is a strange and wonderful thing. It can take us to unlimited new levels of pleasure. It can also take us to the depths of confusion and frustration. When we put our minds to a though other than our reality, we put ourselves in line for sensations we may or may not be ready for.

Comedic Lustre and Sexy Finish: Sparkle Plenty

“It could have been the lack of attention from my parents or just plain boredom in suburbia or both, but I suffered from the, ‘Look at me!’ syndrome,” reveals Vancouver’s Sparkle Plenty. “As a result, I started finding ways to become the centre of attention, I joined a youth improv troupe when I was 16, then I moved on to being the emo girl with guitar. When I realized that I actually have no angst and my humor was pushing for a more adult audience I had to find a way to channel my creative energy.”

Erotic Photography: Intimate Moments

We've talked tech, we've talked modeling and we've talked concept. Now let's talk about the heart of the matter: capturing images of intimate moments. Or, in less flowery language: how to put the dirt into the dirty photos.
Maybe you are looking to get shots that look like they belong in Hustler. Perhaps your goal is to present the allure of a person pleasuring him or herself It could be that you wish to capture multiple people locked in an erotic embrace. Each scenario will require elements specific to that shot, but there are a few things that will be universal.

Rogue Words: Devyn Christopher

“For me personally, sex and my own adoration, envy, and love of women gives me the height of joy in this otherwise overcomplicated, overcaffeinated, overestranged world that we struggle to live in,” reveals Devyn Christoper, aka Rogue. “The sight, the scent, the smile, the opinionated and potent voice of women stimulate and energize me. To me, every woman is a daughter of Aphrodite, a living incarnation of the promise of life and potent happiness.

Happy Valley: Okanagan Pride

Kelowna has had a very homophobic stigma attached that I personally believe it is slowly shedding,” affirms Dustyn Baulkam, chair of Okanagan Pride. “It’s by no means as open-minded as Vancouver but this is going to be my third year with Okanagan Pride and I have yet to encounter any problems or resistance from the local community.”

Kickstarting Intimacy in Your Relationship

“According to the K-Y Intimacy Report, most Canadians in long-term relationships (84%) are open to discussing intimacy and sex with their partners,” reveals Dr. Teesha Morgan. “However, this tendency wanes as time goes by. That being said, the good news is that Canadians are open to change!”

Plaything: Tenga Fliphole

I heard the Tenga Fliphole was the most evolved masturbation sleeve for guys. I wanted to give him a toy to thank him for the vibrator he bought me, so bought him this. I think the Tenga has improved on most sleeves in many ways. It looks cool! It isn't tasteless and potentially embarrassing if left out as it looks like a Mac accessory to me. It's made of silicone so it's definitely more hygeinic than the jelly ones.