August 2011

Remembering and Celebrating Wendy Babcock

As a print, web and radio journalist, I am fortunate enough to meet and interview many fascinating people. Add into the mix that I write and talk about sex predominantly and you can take that up a few notches on the colourful scale. I enjoy learning about them all, but some can’t help but stand out above the crowd.

One of those was Wendy Babcock.

Diverse and Delicious: Glamour Puss Burlesque

“Burlesque is capable of empowering women with the authority and creative control to reveal or conceal as much as they wish, within their own boundaries,” believes Frenchie Fatale of Toronto’s Glamour Puss Burlesque. “The audience is engaged and vocal, but remains a passive actor in the burlesque performance. Burlesque allows for a removal of the conventional stigma attached to a woman acting in a seductive or controversial manner. It’s a celebration of sexuality, seen in an artistic and innovative way.

Erotic Photography: Posing

So you've got good lighting, a firm grasp on composition, and a clutter free background. But for some reason your photo is coming across as stiff (pun possibly intended) or unnatural. Unless you are photographing items for a specific fetish such as shoes, collars or a bare backside, the piece most likely to be missing is the human element.
The pose is the thing!

Here are some tips for those on both sides of the camera to consider to help ensure the picture says 'I am erotic, hear me moan!' and not 'I am a responsible member of society':

For the model:

Rabble-rousing for All to Read: Andrea Houston

“A journalist never reveals her secrets,” teases Toronto’s Andrea Houston. “I will say that my beats consist of Pride and gay-straight alliances (GSAs), but I have several stories on the go covering a gamut of sexual politics, censorship, Toronto’s municipal government and trans rights. Also, let’s not forget a provincial election is right around the corner.”

Perfect Sexual Alloy: Velvet Steele

“I don't recall the first moment I thought I wanted to transition, but I always knew something was different,” reveals Vancouver-based Velvet Steele. “I did a lot of counseling, soul-searching, and general self-evaluation. When I did take the decision to fully transition it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Moving on from then I knew was going to be difficult because of the surgeries but also knew it would be so gratifying and fulfilling.”

Provocative, Sexy, Emotional: The Art of Dawn Kress

“As a society we have such unhealthy beliefs about sex and sexuality and it is still often a taboo subject,” asserts Regina-based artist Dawn Kress. “Growing up, I struggled with my own sexuality and well into my adult years, finally came to terms with being a lesbian. I feared complete and utter rejection from family and friends not to mention the Catholic guilt that I came by as a result of my upbringing.”

Plaything: Afterglow Wipes

One thing I love besides my willing partner is to have little wipes, like Afterglow Wipes, nearby. Good sex is sloppy and messy—but sometimes too messy. If my pussy is too lubed up, I don't feel him as much so I use these wipes to get things back to normal pronto. I use them on my toys if I just want to stay in bed after getting off, without having to traipse to the bathroom for a rinse off. If he's come anywhere outside my mouth or pussy, they are nice for picking up the wayward splooge too.

Pillow Talk: On The Front Line of the Sex Work Battle

The dangers of sex work, and the right of sex workers to ply their trade safely, is currently in the headlines. One group that is ‘fighting the good fight’ is Ottawa sex worker’s advocacy group POWER. Sexlife Canada recently spoke to Lindsay, an Ottawa area sex worker who is working with POWER.