August 2011

A Very Personal Reading of Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme

I’ve pondered on butch-femme quite a bit so I was quite interested in what Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme had to say. I took far too many notes to cover here, so the following is focused on what spoke to my own personal thoughts/opinions/issues.

Lots of Risk, Great Reward: Tristan Risk

Whether she is on a stage taking off her clothes or under the big top hanging by her hair, Tristan Risk is a performer for the ages. As Little Miss Risk in Vancouver's Sweet Soul Burlesque troupe and multi-disciplined talent in Sex at the Circus, Tristan is well-known and much admired for her diverse and wild performances.

Erotic Photography: Toying with Texture

Today we are going to look at one of the more fun and playful ways to up the impact of your sexy photos: using texture. Textures can be anything from a feather boa to a concrete wall to a silk nightie. Using different textures in a picture can add a playful element, add richness or depth or even change the tone of the shot. And the best part is, it can be one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to increase the sex appeal of your photo.

This Girl is Wild: Shannon T. Boodram

“With my book LAID, I always say that sex is the one thing you should never have to do,” reveals Toronto’s Shannon T. Boodram. “It is the one thing (unless it is your profession) that should be controlled by desire, not obligation. So for this reason I don't see a good reason for it to impinge on your happiness or priorities, if anything it should add to these things, making you feel better, and thus, more inspired and inclined to do your work well.”

The Loving Dominant: Lady Seraphina

“I am a very caring and nurturing Domme,” reveals Calgary’s Lady Seraphina, “Using play to facilitate healing and stress relief. I am also a heavy sadist, and take great pride in helping my bottoms push their limits, both in range of activity and level of play.“

Opening Up: Expressing Your Sexual Desires

Sometimes, it is the person we are most close to that we have the hardest time talking to. When it comes to open communication, some couples are able to talk about the kids, finances, work and the latest films with great ease. But when the conversation turns to sexual fantasies and needs, that ease is gone and an uncomfortable silence lingers. What makes it so difficult for us to discuss what we want in sex, especially with the person nearest to our heart?

Plaything: Kimono Red Form Thins

Kimono Red Form Thins are, hands down, my favourite condom of any I’ve tried. Miles thinner than drugstore brands (but I’ve never had one break!) and perfectly contoured to the shape of his cock, they seem almost painted on. The sleek fit is particularly nice for circumcised dudes, tapering off toward the tip and then ballooning out to accommodate the head. Fits like a glove! A nice, expensive, tailored glove. Not some ill-fitting rubber glove trying to pass itself off as a prophylactic.

Pillow Talk: Aspiring Pornographer Alexis Zmoke

Getting into porn can be a surprisingly easy and quick process. Various websites offer the opportunity for amateurs or newcomers to supply images and videos and then get a cut of the profiles from the sales of those. However, if you’re interested in producing porn that is edgy, genderqueer and ethical, you’ve got a whole different situation to deal with.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Worker Web Designer: Hush Web Design

“I got the idea to focus on the sex work industry, because I was shocked to see how many websites were of such poor quality,” reveals Mike of Edmonton’s Hush Web Design. “I believe sex workers, or those involved in the adult entertainment industry, have a difficult time being taken seriously, battle with a negative stigma, thus have difficulties finding a reputable web designer.”