August 2011

Capturing Lightning with High Voltage Burlesque

“We rock a mean, high-octane ensemble number to our theme song “Danger! High Voltage!” enthuses Faryn Fireball of Kingston’s High Voltage Burlesque. “We also have a great carnival number featuring a lovely lady lion, a dominatrix trainer, a naughty clown, a ridiculous ringmaster and a boozy ballerina. Our style is very eclectic—the music, costumes, moves and characters are all over the map and yet cohesive when we’re all together.”

Erotic Photography: Photoshoot Ideas

You've got the gear, you've got the girl(s) and/or guy(s), you've got a location what? Here are some ideas to jumpstart your inspiration for a sexy photoshoot!

Sexy costume: Pin up girls, naughty nurse, Princess Leia' golden bikini, a cat, pirates, a schoolgirl, French maid, sexy librarian, firemen, Dominatrix, space vixen, cops. Thrift stores are great for finding these items year round but the upcoming Halloween season is the perfect time to stock up on some cheap but fun costumes to keep you in sexy shoots for months to come.

The Joy of Obsession: Mistress Emma

“Sex is a dichotomy of good and evil,” muses Newfoundland’s Mistress Emma. “It's the ultimate antagonist that keeps us guessing as to whether it's the evil villian or the hero. Sex is treated like it should be a dirty, vulgar, naughty secret that happens only behind closed doors. Sexual assault is as prevalent as ever.. Erectile dysfunction causes pervasive self esteem issues. With all of the bad, it still manages to be something we long for, it sells, we drown in it, and it can be our only salvation at a time where it's needed.

Montreal Magic at Fetish Weekend

“Fetish events, like any other trends, follow cycles of acceptance or rather, enthusiasm,” muses Eric Paradis, Producer of Montreal Fetish Weekend. “Perhaps we happen to ride the peak of the wave.…Who knows, I can only affirm that life would be dull were it not for the free expression of our fantasies.”

Bad Sex Sucks...But It Can Get Better!

We've all had bad sex. It really is unavoidable and is, generally, not anyone else's fault. If you compare sex to a dance, then maybe it is because you both have slightly different rhythm. If you think of sex as a fine meal, then maybe one of you prefers more salt and the other more pepper. If you think of sex as sex, well, the list is long with what could go wrong. It is almost suprising that great sex can happen!

Plaything: Yes Clitoral Stimulant Cream

Spend a little time online and I’m sure you’ll find a zillion different products claiming to “enhance the female orgasm” and that “act as the Viagra for women.” I’ve tried a few topical stimulants to see if any of them act as more than just a minty tingle and a more flavourful oral sex experience.

Pillow Talk: Marina Adshade of Dollars and Sex

You’ve probably never stopped to consider how the price of a drink at your local watering hole affects your sex life .Or ever wondered about the connection between penis size and economic growth. But Dr. Marina Adshade, a macroeconomist at Dalhousie University, and her many students definitely have. According to Dr. Adshade, economics has more to do with love and sex that most of us recognize.

Sexlife Canada sat down with Dr. Adshade for a chat about all things love, sex and economics.

Your Local Neighbourhood Sex Shop: The Kiss Store

“The Vancouver sex scene is very diverse, pansexual, genderblending, with crossovers from the straight world into the queer world and vice versa,” reveals Nathan Chudrick, owner of The Kiss Store. “Vancouver is Hollywood North and draws in a larger crowd of peeps. Same sex marriage in effect as well as commitment to transgender awareness. There are regular monthly fetish parties, play parties and now more sauna nights.”

Peep and Show: Upcumming Across Canada August 20–August 26

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SMUT SLAM (in Victoria)

The Power of Pussy Seminar

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