August 2011

Future Auto-Fellating King of Burlesque: Peter Paranoia

“Sex is hardwired deep into every one of the crevasses of my filthy little monkey brain,” reveals Halifax boylesque sensation Peter Paranoia, aka Peter Nolan-Smith. “It's a driving force for me creatively. Simply, as a human being, the urge to get down with our bad selves is such a large part of who we are. As an adult performer it's everything! The attitude that I take on stage is the same one that I walk into the bedroom with.”

Behind the Scenes with Cam Performer Durtee_Gurrl

Beyond our computer monitors, on the other side of the webcams are the models and entertainers who supply endless hours of hot, sexy times. Camming is a huge industry online, with models working from studios or out of their homes. Some customers come to talk, some talk to cum. It is one of the aspects of online sex that is very personal and intimate.

Sophia Sylvan, otherwise known as her cam persona Durtee_Gurrl, offered a sneak peek into her work beyond the cam and keyboard—and beyond.

Explore the Very Wide World of Fetish with Mistress T

“I have a filthy imagination but I would not be where I am without interaction with my fans,” reveals fetish website superstar Mistress T. “I spend a lot of time learning about their fetishes. I take requests but I go deeper than that. I put my own twist on it based on understanding, rather than just following someone else's script.”

Plaything: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

"Moving from phonetics to etymology, ‘vagina’ originates from a word meaning sheath for a sword. Ain’t got no vagina." – Inga Muscio

If this book had been in my life as a teenager, I may very well have skipped years and years of faking orgasms, lying about masturbating, being afraid to touch/talk about/think about my vagina. Cunt: A Declaration of Independence is a jumpstart for body acceptance and sex positivity.

Pillow Talk: Patchen Barrs and The Erotic Engine

It was a key scene in Boogie Nights. Legendary porn director Jack Horner debates moving from film to video tape. We all know that porn didn't stay in the theatres it dominated in the 1970s. Instead, visual sex did move to—and revolutionize the VCR. While it is often considered that sex is a strong factor in society, it is not always remembered what a crucial roll it has played in the development of many technologies.

Wet with Desire: Pee Play

Golden showers, water sports, and piss games are all common ways of referring to what I lovingly term Pee Play. I use this term because it’s more encompassing and more accurate than the others listed, as GS is about being showered in pee but doesn’t really include the rest of the fun times that can happen; water sports can include pee and enema play, and piss games, while closest, doesn’t really give it the fun that can be found in lovers of Pee Play.

Let it Flow with The Fenis

The Fenis is a “portable gadget that can put men and women on equal footing in the bathroom”, invented by Ryan Hale, an entrepreneur from Halifax, Nova Scotia (my home town). Basically, it is a device that allows women to pee standing up, but I like Ryan’s explanation of it better: “…inspired by nature’s own design, intended to bridge the physical gap between the way men and women urinate”.

The Sex-Positive Community Thanks You, Jack Layton

He was inspiring.

I’m not just talking about the ‘stache heard round the country. Jack Layton was, to many Canadians a leader who could be believed in. His passing this week is a devastating blow to many people and organizations who were hopeful of a strong left presence in Parliament. Jack brought credibility, presence and success to many issues mainstream Canada is, at best ignorant of, and at worst, intolerant of.