July 2011

Genesis of Play: Loverboy

“Sex is one of the ways I express my creativity,” explains Loverboy, creator of Toronto’s hottest new BDSM play party Genesis. “When I'm expressing my sexuality, I feel liberated as I am experiencing some of the most carnal instinctive urges I've ever known.”

Making Erotica Fit: Eden Baylee

“I’ve always loved to read, and words have been a great source of entertainment for me since I could remember,” reveals Eden Baylee, author of the erotica collection Fall into Winter. “To this day, I’m fascinated by wordplay and the nuances of language, especially the English language. When I read Story of O at the age of eleven, I got completely lost in a whole new vocabulary. You could say that it left an indelible mark on my psyche.”

BDSM Community Builder: Dark Angel

“When my marriage ended I was surprised to find that the rest of the world was not kinky,” reveals BDSM organizer, Dominant and author Dark Angel. “My first girlfriend taught me that sex could actually be boring; we would have sex three times a day but I was never satisfied, and was shocked to find myself becoming bored with my sex life. I started looking around for other people interested in kinky sex, and once I found my local community and started to explore, I found that kinky sex was just the icing on the cake.

Plaything: Earthly Body Nag Champa Hemp Seed Massage Oil

It’s really hard finding a simple, everyday massage oil with no frills, no stickiness, and a scent that doesn’t make you gag. Well I found one! Earthly Body makes a bunch of products, but this one is my favourite. All of their oils are made of 100% natural ingredients.

Pillow Talk: Hypnotist Dave Curran

Look into my eyes, listen to my voice...when I count to three and snap my fingers, you will be under...

Wildly entertaining and often controversial, hypnosis is a ages-old skill that has left people bewildered, confused and enthralled for centuries. Is it real? Are people actually under the hypnotist's command? Do they really just want to do those things?

Your Local Neighbourhood Bathhouse: Steamworks

Bathhouses in Canada are an iconic gay haven for the sexually expressive, DTF (down-to-fuck), men who enjoy a good consensual romp with a stranger or two, or four or twelve. The true sex-stars of the gay community are those whose Hermès and D&G belt-notches range in the thousands and whose membership card at Steamworks bears a similar mileage. Those cards have been whipped out so many times they look vintage.

Ooooooooh, Canada!

We definitely have a glow in our hearts, we Canadians. On this day to celebrate our nation, let’s take a look back at some of the significant moments in our sexual history. It hasn’t been a well-lubed existence, there have been some flaccid moments along the way. And some significant legal cock-blocking still inhibits our sexual rights. But we’re on the right path with some significant advances having been made so far. So let’s keep it up Canada!

Trudeau's Magnificant Statement