July 2011

Breaking Down Sex Work Stereotypes: April Fine

“Well I got into the massage industry like a lot of girls, to help pay for school,” reveals Toronto-area escort April Fine. “There was a girl in the building I was living in at the time that I made friends with and she was in the industry so I went with her to try it out. I'll never forget my first call. I was so naïve. I got to the guy’s home and we chatted a little then he started leading me to the bedroom. Then he tried to start taking off my clothing and kissing me.

Pedaling For A Good Cause: Friends for Life Bike Rally

Over the past 12 years the Toronto People with Aids Foundation (PWA) has raised over $5 million dollars through their Friends for Life Bike Rally. On July 24th, 2011 over 400 people will once again hit the road to participate in this 600 km bike ride from Toronto to Montreal—all in just six days. These supportive individuals come from all sexual orientations, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Plaything: Crystal Wand Deluxe

3 words: G-spot, G-spot, and G-spot. The Crystal Wand Deluxe is a fantastic toy! I discovered it during a seminar on self-pleasuring for women that had a tantric twist to it. This is an S-shaped dildo made of 100% hard, clear acrylic. One side of the 'S' has 3 balls that are a bit wider than the rest. So here is the scenario: You (a woman) are sitting and leaning back against a stack of comfy pillows. You’re holding this pretty, shiny toy in your hand facing upwards.

Pillow Talk: NOIR Fetish Ball

Sometimes it is a little hard to see past all of the show and spectacle to find down-to-earth kink and fetish players. Club nights can be full of gawkers who wouldn’t know that a paddle doesn’t always propel your canoe. So a couple of enterprising guys from the Vancouver scene set out to start a back-to-basic fetish night. The result is the wildly popular NOIR Fetish Ball, happening every third Saturday of the month at The Cobalt.

Club Madellyn Jae: The Rebirth—and Revamping—of the Elegant Private Club

She calls herself ‘Jasmin, the Original Temptress’, and she has a dream. She wants to operate an elegant private club that legally caters to the human desire for sensuality, relaxation, and belonging. This is why Jasmin has established Club Madellyn Jae (CMJ) in a discreet, second-floor office in suburban Ottawa. Yes, you can receive a sensual massage there from a beautiful hostess. But don’t think of CMJ as a glamourized massage parlour—it is anything but.

View From The Top: Is Marriage Obsolete?

So far this year will stand out in history with huge events occuring, including the tsunami in Japan, a royal wedding, the demise of Osama bin Laden, and the deaths of Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Kevorkian, Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, and rapper Nate Dogg. It seems as though just eight months ago the world was a very different place, and it brings to mind that the world around us is ever-changing.

Sensational Burlesque Superstar: Scarlett James

“I discovered burlesque for the first time when friends brought us to a show during Halloween,” reveals Montreal burlesque star Scarlett James. “It was amateur and a small budget production but I saw right away that this was it, that is what I wanted to do, it was like a revelation. So I started to study and research, read books, watch movies, listen to music and started to work on my first number. It took me 6 months before I stepped on the stage for the first time.

Erotic Photography and Photoshop : It's a Privilege, Not a Right

Ah, technology. The cause of—and solution to—all of photography's problems. When I use the term 'Photoshop,' I use it in the generic sense of the word to mean any and all photo editing software. Kind of like the photographic equivalent of a Q-Tip or Band-Aid; no one ever says 'cotton swab' or 'flexible adhesive bandage strip'.