July 2011

Plaything: Stroke 29

Stroke 29 is a primo handjob cream that's been formulated just for spanking the monkey.

At first I thought it was hyped up gunk sold with slick packaging. At first. It starts out feeling like a thick cream but after stroking my boyfriend with it for a while, it turned into this warm, skin-like lubricant unlike anything else we've used.

He uses it on himself instead of handcream now, and I just use it on him when I have my period and don't want him inside me.

Pillow Talk: All Genders Wellness Centre

The health care system is not a perfect fit for everyone. Recognizing that people from all areas of the gender non-conforming spectrum need care, a group of dedicated volunteers established the All Genders Wellness Centre in Vancouver.

Your Local Neighbourhood Pin-up Photographer: Pin-up Perfection

“For me pin-up is about the tease,” reveals Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection. “[Its] the indication of sexual presence without the showcasing of nude body parts.”

View From The Top: New Breasts, New Life

I promised myself I'd never say the words “AMP Radio is awesome” after the demise of one of the best FM talk radio stations in the US (KLSX which had been the home of Adam Carolla, Tom Leykis, and Tim Conway Jr. among others),after it was replaced by the Top 40 'AMP Radio' brand. Thanks for passing me a huge plate of crow, Calgary! I suppose I'll gladly eat it this time though.

Let This Sexy Red Herring Distract You!

Most times, in literature and film, the red herring is something of momentary distraction not to be considered for long. It takes your eyes off the prize. But Toronto’s Red Herring, burlesque performer and producer is one distraction that will keep you mesmerized. Whatever is happening elsewhere can just keep on happening. You can get back to it once she’s done with you.

Erotic Photography: Low-Cost Lighting

One the most critical elements for any great image is lighting—something that can take on significant importance when trying to capture images involving bare skin or sexy clothing.

Lighting can be extremely complicated. Not much can make you want to throw your camera in the lake and run screaming 'What does it all mean?' like trying to navigate your way through the ins and outs of flashes, soft boxes, snoots, metering, reflectors and beauty dishes. Surely there is an easier way? Yes, there is—and don’t call me Shirley.

Words to Consider: Lady Joan

“I have a high sex drive, but I am in control and even when I get aroused I know there is a time and place,” reveals the fabulous host of Ask Lady Joan. “I am good at multi tasking, so even if I may be thinking about my next orgasm, I anticipate it and carry on with the task at hand.”

Canada's Burlesque Royalty: Roxi Dlite!

All performers want to leave a mark, an indelible impression of their talent. There can be the quick flash-in-the-pan or there can be the slow and development master. A performer can be lauded and praised and chased by the paparrazi. But perhaps the most enduring, albeit challenging, honour to be achieved is that of respect and admiration of one’s peers.