July 2011

Pillow Talk: Sex Researcher Amy Muise

Judging by the number of romantic comedies that come out every year, it is pretty obvious that people have a distinct interest in how dating and relationships work. We just can't get enough of vicariously experiencing the situations that create intimacy, establish a relationship and then, possibly, ruin a relationship. The insatiable need to understand how this happens (and in real life, with far less hilarious or heartwarming consequences) is the drive that sex researchers approach their study.

Your Local Neighbourhood Queer Community Centre: The Well

“Starting from day one, when The Well came together following a vicious hate crime in Hamilton, ” affirms Jae Adams, Coordinator of Programming, “this organization has always been centred on the principle that everyone in our community can be a great contributor if given the chance.”

Reach Out and Touch Someone...If You Can!

I rarely spent summers at home growing up. My family had a cottage in the same campground as my grandparents lived, so I often spent most, if not all of my vacation up north. When my parents were there, I stayed with them. When they weren’t, I stayed with my grandparents. Considering we were right near a lake and I had a number of good friends who did pretty much the same thing, it was great. I had a lot of fun.

Here Kitty Kitty: Burgundy Brixx

When it comes to the entertainment industry, it seems Canada always loses its greatest stars to the lure of the bright lights down south. The list of prominent Canuck comedians, actors and musicians who have packed up and gone to the United States is long and prestigious.

Erotic Photography: Summertime Shooting

Once the weather turns hot, people want to take off their clothes—it's human nature! Why not take advantage of this natural predilection to nudity and get some great outdoor shots?

Here are some things to think about when trying to get some sexy photos in the great outdoors:

Dark and Deep: Madelina Horn

“I'm a Scorpio,” reveals model and performance artist Madelina Horn. “So sex is the underlying motivation for everything I do. I'm obsessed with sexuality. It's the most fascinating part of humanity.”

Fetish on Film: Vid Vicious

“I love everything there is about the creative process,” reveals Montreal photographer and director Vid Vicious. “My number one motivator is people’s reactions to my personal art work.”

When It's Good, It's Great! Bren Ryder and Good Dyke Porn

To say that the Internet is cluttered with porn might be like saying sex is good. Would there even be a web if porn hadn't taken it over? The problem is that there is a significant amount of generic, boring and sex negative porn out there that takes up so much of the space. It makes finding good porn a little tricky sometimes. Which is why when someone like Bren Ryder puts out something like Good Dyke Porn™ the community stands up and takes notice.