June 2011

Teasing the Nation: Burlesque has Returned!

Whether it's the thrill of showing a little bit of skin or the urge to send important messages through artist interpretation, burlesque is back and it's not afraid to shimmy into our Canadian hearts.

If you are new to the art, you are not alone. But never fear—a fresh face is always welcome in the audience.

So now, what exactly is burlesque anyway? By dictionary definition:

bur·lesque [ber-lesk] noun, adjective, verb, -lesqued, -lesquing -noun

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Monica Hamburg

It used to be that when the ink hit the paper, a thought was forever marked in history. Now, any little scribbling can be posted online in less time that it would take ink to dry. So if you are planning to possibly spill some virtual ink on the Internet you’re going to come headlong against a necessary question: Should I publish this? And if your thoughts are of a sexual nature, you really should think long and hard about this dilemma.